I totally messed up and I'm holding my hands up sheepishly waving *😳*

To be honest, I did something crazy and I've been feeling totally weird about telling you… but at the same time, I've been having the BEST TIME of my life!!

For the first time in a LONG time, I've been able to incorporate more fun, more #girlpower, and more freedom into my business with… {I can't believe im saying this} a network marketing company!

{I know… you just rolled your eyes… And to be honest with you — I did at first, too!}

Would you look down on me?
Would you stop taking me seriously?
Would you think I'd gone bankrupt?
That I was desperate for cash?
Maybe you'd think I've gone crazy… or even worse… that I've sold out!

All these thoughts and fears and ideas kept circling around…. and none of them were actually true!

Crazy, right?

Well today I've got on my “big girl” pants and I'm doing that thing called “practicing what I preach”.

I'm here to own this — I'm “coming out of the closet” — and while I don't expect you to jump up and down, I do know that now that it's out there in the open, I feel FREE!

Now I'm guessing the next question you might be asking…


The agency isn't going anywhere!
The quality content you're used to seeing from me isn't changing!
I won't stop sharing valuable tips about all things launching, ads, and business strategy.
And I'm certainly not going to spam your inbox with icky messaging or carbon copy branding!

Maybe you're also asking yourself “Why, Rachel, why?”… if everything is so great… why add something new?”

{I totally get it — I would be just as floored as you!}

Here's the thing — when I was presented with this new revenue stream, at first I rejected it, too! I turned my nose up at it and said “No way — Not me!”

But I was curious enough to keep watching.

I started noticing these savvy business women just like me having so much fun! And their marketing strategies were actually great — not like those other companies that try to spam us! This was a different type of network marketing.

These women were different!

Their businesses were thriving! They were traveling together and laughing together and supporting each other — it was a community like nothing I'd ever seen! No competition!

So I dug a little bit deeper.

I called up a girlfriend who was already in it who I really really trusted, and she said “Give me one hour of your time, no strings attached, and your life could change forever.”

I'd known her for a while and I knew she was legit — a total woman of integrity — I knew she would never say that if it wasn't true. So I jumped on that one-hour call with her.

Thank goodness I did — because if I never could have imagined that:

πŸŽ‰ I would be leading a team of more than 800 ladies {& gentlemen},
😱 These incredible rockstars would generate over $150K in sales,
πŸ’°This business would be a significant income stream,
🚘 By the end of this month, I'll have fully qualified for my totally paid-for Cadillac,
πŸ’Ž Iβ€˜d be running a revenue stream with a 100% profit margin,
🎁 My family would be able to give generously to a cause that means SO much to us and bless others the same way we’ve been blessed,
…and I've got some seriously amazing #fiveminutehair 😍.


P.S. Haha – I know you scrolled all the way to the bottom {I do the SAME THING!} — here's the summary: I came out of hiding and shared exactly what I've been doing the past few months — and the incredible freedom and fun it's infused into my biz!