If you’ve been hanging out with me for awhile, then you know I’m all about personal development! I’m always reading, listening, and watching things to fill my cup and make me better in business and in life!

And around this time of year, I like to do a bit of spring cleaning in my brain — AKA I get really into clearing out the cobwebs and filling my soul with things that inspire me, push me, and make me feel great :).

So today, I wanted to share some of my top reads, listens, and watches that I’m digging right now. And I’d love to hear what’s on YOUR list!

Currently Reading…

  • Complete Guide to Money by Dave Ramsey
  • Tribes by Seth Godin
  • The She Works His Way Daily App Devotional

Currently Listening to….

  • Business with Impact (hey, a girl’s gotta love her own work!)
  • The Mind Your Business Podcast with James Wedmore

Currently Watching…

  • Bull and The Good Doctor (because everyone’s gotta veg every now and then!)

So what about you? How are you investing in yourself right now? Let me know!


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