Confession time: I couldn't ride a bike without training wheels until I was in the fifth grade! {I know, I know!}

My little brother and sister were both riding their bikes for years before I got brave enough to go for it without training wheels!

And while I really wanted to ride a bike like the big kids, I put it off because of… FEAR!

With training wheels on my bike, I knew that I wouldn't fall over and get hurt. I liked that kind of security… and I was nervous about what would happen when it was all up to me to balance on my own!

I'm pretty sure my parents had finally had enough that day. I remember it clearly — it was a Sunday afternoon in early April and we were out in the driveway when my dad said “I'll give you $20 if you'll let me take off those training wheels… for good…” {$20 was a small fortune for an eleven-year-old in the early 90's — and there was a Hello Kitty notebook with my name on it just waiting}.

This was a huge reward that my parents were going to give me if I'd just push past that fear and risk riding a “big-girl bike!” And you can trust that before the end of the day, I was riding my bike free and clear of training wheels!

See, I already had the skills and the balance to ride without any outside support; I was just nervous to believe in myself, and I needed a push! That $20 reward was just enough to inspire me to challenge myself – and I'm SO glad my parents cared enough about me to help me get to that place!

As a business owner, I see so many women doubting themselves, and I know what that feels like.

But just like my parents saw my potential, I can see theirs.

I'm fully aware that you already have what it takes to run a successful online business – and to create more freedom {both in your finances and in your time} for yourself and your family than you've ever imagined is possible!

But maybe you just need a little push? {I did!}

One of my biggest joys in life is empowering women to take charge of their own futures by learning strategies that will help them succeed in business.

FB Ads are one of the most powerful ways I know to build a strong online presence and attract your ideal clients in droves!

I'm so passionate about ads that I've just opened the doors to a six-week, group coaching experience, FB Ads Academy LIVE, that will walk you through each step of incorporating and implementing a stellar FB ads strategy into your biz plan!

The techniques I'll be sharing with you are the same ones I use with my highest-level clients {i.e. 7-figure business owners}, so I promise you this information alone will be business-changing!

Above all else – know that you already have what it takes to move your business to the next level! And if you've been waiting on a push, let this email be the thing that inspires you to take action!

Hope to see you soon!