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Five Fun At-Home Workouts For Cold Weather


Five Fun At-Home Workouts For Cold Weather

Five Fun At-Home Workouts For Cold Weather - If you're braving the cold to get in your workouts, you can relax! Try these fun ideas, great for the kiddos too!

Brrr rabbits! {Does anyone know where this saying came from? Or is it just something my family says?} Seriously, though - it's been absolutely FREEZING this week, and we're supposed to be down in the single digit temperatures soon. I don't know about you, but this southern girl is bundling up and staying put!! In all honesty - these glacial temperatures make it tough to get a good workout in... so here's a few at-home workouts for cold weather {and even one outdoor workout for those who are brave}!

#1: Speed House Cleaning

The holidays are here {can you believe it's only three weeks until Christmas?!} and the festivities have begun... why wait for spring to start cleaning? Have a garage that hasn't been cleaned out in a few years {or maybe ever}? Or an attic that needs rearranging? Grab some healthy snacks, put on some Christmas music or Elf, and get to cleaning. Make it a family affair. Set a timer and see who can clean up their part of the room the quickest. {We actually try to do this every single day before daddy gets home from work!}

#2: Do the 100 Push-Up/Squat/Lunge/Crunch Challenge

There's something about the number one hundred that's inherently appealing, isn’t there?! Especially when it comes to a challenge. Not quite ready to do 100 today? Break them up into smaller sets. Or try to build up to 100 pushups (or squats or lunges or crunches) a day over the next six weeks! When summer comes, you’ll be glad you didn't wait!

#3: Get Old-School

Throw the Twister mat on the floor, have a good old-fashioned pillow fight, or invite a few friends over and circle up for a few rounds of Duck-Duck-Goose or "I've Never". Better yet, have a dance party! Throw on some Mariah Carey Christmas tunes and burn some extra calories as you twist and stretch! [Tweet "Twister and Christmas tunes for at-home workouts? Yes, please!!"]

#4: Thrown in your favorite workout DVD

Of course, you knew I'd say this! I have had so much fun working out at home with programs like PiYo and the 21 Day Fix. And yes, while I love my partnership with Beachbody and am so honored to have been able to help and serve so many people through my online bootcamps, I am mostly thankful to have something I can do from the comfort of my living room, especially when the temperatures outside are lower than my age!!

#5: And for those of you crazy enough to venture outside... Have You Ever Played Red-Light Green-Light? Try it in the Snow!

Grab a few friends, bundle up, and get racing! In this game, one person is the stop light. Everyone else forms a line about 20 feet away from the stop light. The stop light faces away from the line and says “green light’. At this point, you’re allowed to move toward the stoplight. When the stoplight turns around and says “red light” everyone must freeze. If anyone is caught moving, they are out. Whoever reaches the stoplight first becomes the new stoplight and the game continues. Just make sure to bundle up before you begin!!

These are so many fun ways to add exercise to your day during the cold weather. Even though it might be too cold to walk, jog, or bike around town, there are still plenty of at-home workouts {or games that certainly count} to get your heart pumping! Instead of exercising alone, use this winter as an opportunity to get together with friends, have fun with your family, and work out together!!

Tell the truth - how many times have you watched Elf? What's your favorite Christmas song to jam out to? And who wants to meet up at the park this week for a fun-filled game of red-light green-light?