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How to Stick With Your New Routine

Can you believe we’re already five weeks into 2016?! Raise your hand if you’re on track for accomplishing your goals this year? I’ve heard from so many ladies who are already struggling, and I want to give you hope! Here's how to stick with your new routine and accomplish your goals!

Can you believe we’re already five weeks into 2016?! Raise your hand if you’re on track for accomplishing your goals this year? I’ve heard from so many ladies who are already struggling, and I want to give you hope! In The Compound Effect*, Darren Hardy talks about how small, seemingly insignificant actions over a long period of time can yield significant results.

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So what can you do today to make sure you stick with your new routine? Here are my top four tips!

Add One New Thing at A Time

While there’s no real science to support the “21 Days to a habit” saying {you can Google it if you don’t believe me!}, I have found that in my own life, 21 days does seem to be a magical number. When I do something, day in and day out, for 21 days - it sticks. So if you’re struggling with getting things done, rather than try to overhaul your life in one sitting, I suggest adding in one new element of change every 21 days. Create a habit, then add something else. So if you wanted to change the way your body looks this year, this might look like eliminating sugar for the next 21 days. Then maybe adding in a short workout each morning for the next 21 days…, etc. What one new thing will you try adding today?

Make a Checklist

Checklists might not be your cup of tea – they certainly don’t sound glamorous or sparkly. But checklists are a girl’s best friend when it comes to productivity and getting things done. While I’m always up for a new printable {here are a few of my favorites}, your checklist doesn’t have to be fancy. It could mean writing something down on a post-it note that you stick on your pantry or fridge or mirror to remind you of your focus for the next 21 days. Would you consider using a checklist for the next 21 days if it meant moving one step closer to your goals?

Find Accountability

You don’t have to do this on your own. There are so many others who have walked your road before who want to come alongside you and help. I personally believe that accountability is both a critical element and an often overlooked element when it comes to success!  Maybe that means investing in a business coach to help you with your business needs, or a personal trainer who you check in with periodically for your fitness goals. Maybe it’s a spouse or a best friend who check-in with weekly. Or maybe it’s a Bible Study Group or a counselor. Whatever form it takes, the point is that accountability works! Who holds you accountable to achieving your goals?

Create a Reward System

A final {and sure-fire} way to make sure you stick with something is to reward yourself! As a business owner, I reward and recognize the hard work and efforts of my team, and similarity, I create rewards for accomplishing my own goals. For a fitness goal, this may look like putting a dollar in a jar every single time I work out, or for achieving a financial milestone, it may be rewarding myself with a new coffee mug or purse or electronic device.

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What do you do to stay on track? How do you stay motivated to stick with your new routine?


5 reasons you might be failing at your goals


5 reasons you might be failing at your goals

Woo hoo!!! We've gone through our goal planning, and we're off and running. But statistics tell us that the majority of us won't actually accomplish our goals this year. Let's prove them wrong!! Let's talk about five reasons you might be failing at your goals, and more importantly, how to correct your course so that this year really is your best year ever!

Goals Without Action

The #1 reason that I believe that women fail their goals is because they bite off more than they can chew. When I look back to prior years and review goals that I didn't fulfill, I see one common theme: they were goals without action. You see, I set these really exciting, lofty, ambitious goals, but I didn’t put any steps in the place to actually accomplish my goals. Gigantic, seemingly impossible goals aren't bad, but goals that we can make headway towards, with specific action items, are better.

Michael Hyatt used this example once in one of his podcasts, and it really resonated with me. He said that if you've never golfed before, then setting a goal to be a scratch golfer in 3 months is just unrealistic. I mean, could you accomplish that goal if you golfed every single day for the next 3 months? Potentially, depending on your current talent and resources. But realistically, a better goal might be: I want to lower my handicap 1 point over the next 3 months or lower my handicap 1 or 2 points over the next 3 months, and I'm gonna accomplish that by going to the golf course, hiring a golf pro to help me, etc.

As we become more experienced in goal-setting, and as we see success in our goal-setting, then I think it makes a lot more sense to set bigger, harder, more scary goals. But if you've just come off of a frustrating year, or if you've failed at goal-setting in the past, then let's start out with some more attainable, more realistic goals with tangible action items that will move us in the right direction.

Fear of Failure

The second thing that I believe holds us back in achieving our goals is fear of failure. And so this kind of piggybacks right along with the first reason. Let's say that last year you said "I'm gonna eat 5 vegetables a day every single day, and I'm gonna work out 5x a week, I'm gonna do XYZ", and you set some really lofty goals. And you're sitting here today thinking, "I didn't accomplish any of those. In fact, I weigh more now than I did then", or "I'm less happy than I was", or "my business is not as thriving as I thought it would be." Listen, don't let that hold you back from setting some great goals this year!

@@The past is the past. It’s already happened. But your future is still in front of you. #goalsetting #sweatpink@@

The past is the past. It’s already happened. But your future is still in front of you. And if you let the past hold you back, you're setting your future up for failure. Let's not do that, ladies! Even if we end up stumbling and falling, let's move in the right direction because we are going to be so much farther along this time next year than if we never started at all. So let's be confident. Let’s stop saying "I can't." Let's stop saying "I'm not good enough", and let's start saying "I can do this", "I'm moving forward", and "Maybe I didn't do it before but I'm going to do it now."

Lack of Discipline

Discipline is a critical ingredient to staying committed, focused, and following through with our goals. So how do we find more discipline? One area {and this goes into my next point} is accountability. I truly, truly 100% believe that you have to have accountability in order to be disciplined, with rare exception. Yes, there are individuals who are super super disciplined, and who never ever need to be held accountable to anybody else. But they are the exception, not the rule. And I am not one of them.

Lack of Accountability

I thrive on accountability. I need accountability. So who holds me accountable? I have a large network of accountability:

  • My business mentor. I share my goals with her because she needs to know where I'm trying to go so that we can push together in the same direction.

  • My business accountability partner. We talk every week. It can really be easy to get derailed as an entrepreneur, and as a stay at home mom. And so when I'm talking to my accountability partner every single week, and we're sharing our struggles and we’re sharing our successes - and that's setting us both up for future success.

  • My Bible study group. I also have a Bible study group that I'm accountable to at church. And these ladies will call me out when I'm not keeping the right things the priority.

  • As a business coach, I have my own clients who I'm holding to a really high standard of success. I'm making sure that if I’m telling them they need to do certain critical core activities to move their businesses forward, that I'm practicing what I preach.

  • As a personal trainer, I’m running online boot camps with clients who I'm holding accountable. And truly, my online boot camp clients hold me just as accountable as I hold them. Because I have to be committed every single day to show up and to work out and to eat healthy.

@@Accountability and discipline are two critical elements to achieving your goals this year!@@

Sharing Your Goals with a Broad Audience

Did you know that sharing your goals can actually hinder your ability to achieve your goals? Michael Hyatt actually shared this in a really old blog post. He said "sharing your goals with the world is actually a recipe for failure in your goals." At first, I was really surprised to hear this, but it actually makes sense. Michael backed up his argument by pointing to a 2010 ted talk by Derek Sivers. Basically here's what he said: When you share your goals with the public {e.g. broadcasting them on a periscope or anywhere else}, when you share your goals that broadly, you get the same euphoria that you get if you actually accomplished the goals. Because it's terrifying to share them in that kind of a broad spotlight. And so something in your brain triggers an accomplishment response. What Michael Hyatt counsels his following to do, and what I counsel my clients to do is to not share the details of their goals in a broad post or broad group of people. But instead to share goals only with people who are committed to helping them achieve their goals {i.e. me, their mentors, their mastermind groups, their business partners, their spouse, their closest friends}.

Are you guilty of any of these? Goal Setting: 5 Reasons You Might Be Failing At Your Goals. It's a New Year and we've all set some pretty incredible goals!! Check out these reasons why most women will fail at their goals and what you can do to make sure you don't fall into these traps!


5 Steps you need to accomplish your goals


5 Steps you need to accomplish your goals

Whose ready to curl up with a BIG cup of coffee and a goal planning worksheet and plan out?! Seriously - maybe I'm a nut, but I have SO much fun setting goals and planning. As I sit and type this I can hardly believe that it’s December! I heard some staggering statistics the other day – only about 20% of people actually set goals. And of those who DO set goals, only about 30% accomplish them. Well not us - not this time! Today, I'm sharing my secret recipe for goal setting success!

Goal Setting – The #1 Mistake People Make

The number 1 mistake that I see my clients make when setting goals is this: they set way too many. Raise your hand {don’t worry – I can’t actually see you!} if you’ve been guilty of saying “It’s a New Year… I’m going to set goals in every single area of my life: finances, kids, social media, business, workout, health, fitness, number of vegetables I’m going to eat, etc... I’m going to have a date night every week with my husband. I’m going to go to bed early every single day. I’m going to save enough to buy a new house this year - with cash, and a dream home. And while I'm at it, I'll work out 7 days a week and cook a gourmet meal every single night. It’s all going to be super planned, and I’m going to be perfect this year.

Come on, don't be shy! Is your hand raised? I know mine is! I remember one year I think I had 36 goals written down. 36!! Y’all, we don’t have enough time to prioritize that many goals. So here is what we’re going to do this year ladies: We’re not going to set 36 goals.

Written Goals Work

I love talking about goals because written goals work. Almost without fail. This is something that has been studied over and over and over again. And if you will get out a spiral notebook and a pen and you will start writing out your goals {and I mean actually hand-write them out}, there’s something that happens between your brain and your hand when you do that… It's like flipping the “this is what I need to go for” switch on. And when you see them written every single day, day after day, there’s something in your brain that says… “I need to accomplish that.”

Let’s get out a pen and paper and do this together! Seriously. Click below, print out this printable, and let’s get started.

Step 1 – Define Your Priorities

The very first step is to identify what’s important to you, but there’s a catch. You can’t choose more than five priorities. Yep – five! It’s not that these other things in our lives aren’t important, not that we don’t value them but not everything can be a priority. When I was planning out this year, I wrote down a list of could-be priorities {included within the printable}, and then really prayed hard through which ones made the most sense for me.

For me this year, my priorities really revolve around my faith, my family, my business, and my health/fitness. In fact, the very first priority that I set for myself this year is my faith in Jesus Christ. Yes, there are a lot of other things that I would love to get done this year that are beyond the scope of these priorities, but they are wishes, not priorities. So they are not the things that I’m going to focus on this year, they are not the things I’m going to run after. They may even be important but they are not the most important.

Step 2 – Define A Goal For Each Priority

The second step is to pick just one goal for each priority. I have to admit, this was tough. I really wanted to have 3 or 4 goals for each priority. But truly, if we're going to do this right, then we have to pick just one. Again, it’s not that the other goals we might have aren’t important, it's not that we don’t value these other things, but not everything can be a priority goal.

So if one of my priorities is my faith in Jesus Christ, my goal might be to have a quiet time every day where I read scripture or a devotional. Or if my priority is my husband, my goal might be to have a date night {just the two of us} once a week.

Step 3 – Set 3-5 Action Items for Each Goal

Now this is where the real magic happens! So if my priority is my faith in Jesus Christ and my goal is to have a daily quiet time, then a few action items might be: (1) to decide which Bible study group I want to join this year, (2) to find a good Bible Reading plan, and (3) to invest in a new journal. Step 3 might be the most important, because once it's complete, we no longer have priorities and goals, but we have an action plan - steps that we can take to actually start to achieve our goals. It’s like our own mini-blueprint for success.

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Step 4 – Review Your Goals Daily

I want you to print out your priorities and your goals, and even maybe one or two key action items, and hang them somewhere where you’re going to see them every single day. {You can find an example HERE}. I’m actually going to frame 2 copies of mine. One will sit in the corner of my desk. It will be a consistent reminder to myself: “Hey, this is what you are working towards. You’re working towards giving the Lord the glory in everything you do, providing valuable content for your community for your business, and toward a balanced life where you’re spending uninterrupted time every single day with your family.”

I’m putting a second copy in my bathroom in front of the mirror {because let’s just be real, I spend a little more time than I probably should getting ready every morning}.  Now that I Periscope every day, I have to wear make-up every day {#thestruggleisreal}. And while I’m getting ready you can bet I'll be looking at my goals. {Side note: This is also where I’m going to post my weakly memory verse. Now, memorizing a verse every week, that is not listed in my top 5 priorities but it is something that I want to try to do. It is something I’m going to strive to do. But if I have to pick one, for me that one will be spending time with Jesus every day. And I plan on doing a lot of other things that I believe will come out of the overflow of spending time with Him.}

@@I will remind myself to keep pushing forward every single day, no matter what #goalsetting #printable@@

Step 5 – Don’t Quit

Write yourself a message at the very bottom of your printable that reminds you not to quit when it gets hard, because the fact of the matter is: it’s going to get hard. It’s not going to be easy every single day. So when it gets hard {because it will}, you'll want to see this reminder.

At the very bottom of my picture I wrote, this: “Don’t quit! When I miss the mark, when I experience setbacks {because I will}, I will remind myself to keep pushing forward every single day, no matter what.”

So what are your top tips for goal setting? I would love to hear from you!!