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25 Minute Indoor Cardio Routine

25 Minute Indoor Cardio Routine

Winter is almost here, and for us, that means lots of rain and even more snow, which can put a damper on anything and everything outdoors. {Side note: for those of you with two-year old daughters, I'd love to hear your favorite indoor ideas for winter!} Because as a working mom/mompreneur/stay-at-home mom, I know my health is important {I want to be around a LONG time for my baby girl}. And this means making sure that I try and eat right {most of the time} and sneak in a workout {most days}.

Lean in and let me be totally honest with you - as a personal trainer who has struggled with her own health, I just want to be completely genuine with you. I don't LOVE working out. I don't even LIKE it. But I DO it. I'm not one of those girls who bounces out of bed at 5 AM every morning , hair and makeup perfectly in place ready to teach class. I'm the one who is rolling out of bed with clumped hair and half-streaked mascara that I didn't wash off well enough the night before and heading straight for the coffee maker.

Often, my workouts happen when I can fit them in {aka, when I can work up the mental motivation to do them}. Now I've never regretted a workout, and by the end of it, I'm always smiling and happy, but I get a HUGE mental roadblock beforehand. That's why I created this quick 25 minute indoor cardio routine that you can do in the comfort of your living room.

No driving to the gym, no waiting for a machine, no excuses about bad weather. In fact, this is a workout even the youngest of toddlers can do with you! {Have I mentioned that my daughter's favorite workout move is push-ups? Obviously I think she's totally adorable!}

So without further ado - here you go... a quick, 25-minute indoor cardio routine for my online bootcampers that you can do in the comfort of your living room.

  • 1 minute jump-rope in place (you don't have to have a rope)
  • 1 minute high knees (run in place with high knees)
  • 1 minute jumping jacks
  • 1 minute front kicks (yep, it's just like it sounds - think drill team meets kickboxing!)
  • 1 minute jumping jacks (again!)
  • 1 minute run in place
  • 1 minute jump-rope in place (again!)
  • 1 minute butt kicks (run in place while kicking your butt with your foot)
  • 1 minute rest

Repeat 2 more times for a full 25 minute cardio blast.

*Note: I know this goes without saying, but please consult with your health professional and read my disclosure before working out. 

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Do you LOVE working out? What time of day to you get in your workout? And what types of things do you do with  your little ones when the weather is gloomy and cold out?