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Clean Eating Chicken Tex Mex Alfredo Pasta


Clean Eating Chicken Tex Mex Alfredo Pasta

Most of the recipes you'll find here are my homemade favorites or recipes passed down from generation to generation. But this recipe from the Gracious Pantry is SO amazing it needs no modification! Now quick caveat - this is not dairy-free. So if you're in my current bootcamp, you can't touch this one until after our six weeks. {Don't worry, ladies, it will be WORTH the wait!} I'll be honest, when I looked at the ingredients, I wasn’t too sure about it, but it really was delicious. It does require a little more prep time than I'm normally used to {about 20 minutes} but I would say it's well-worth it!! A clean twist on a Tex-Mex dish… so good! {Continue Reading...}



How to Keep Your Family Healthy This Year

Did you set goals for your health this year? What about your family's health? These are my top tips for keeping my family healthy this year!

Did you set goals this year? One of my goals this year revolved around health. But not just my health - the health of my family! This can be a challenge with as busy as we all three tend to be {yes, even our baby girl is a busy and social butterfly!}, so here are some tips I am implementing to help keep us germ free and ready to make this year one of our best years ever!

Washing Our Hands

It seems like common sense, but we’ll be washing our hands multiple times a day {especially when we head home from church, school, the grocery store, restaurants, or playdates}. Our baby girl loves washing her hands {she even has a song that she sings when she washes them} and we make her feel SO grown up when she does. We also make sure and avoid soaps that contain triclosin {it's been linked to some yucky stuff}, sticking to brands like Method* and The Honest Company*.

Limiting Processed Sugars

We try not to keep sugary treats or cookies in the house… instead, our pantry and fridge are loaded up with fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and other whole foods for snacks. On birthdays or holidays, we may make a batch of cookies or have a cupcake {Bliss Cupcakes are our current favorites}, but these really are treats reserved for special occasions.

Filling Up On Nutrients

One of my priorities this winter {and throughout the year} will be making sure that we are counting nutrients rather than calories. I'm working hard to eat as many whole and unprocessed foods as possible. One way that our family makes sure to get plenty of nutrients is by drinking our Shakeology* shakes at least once per day. Everyone in our family loves the shakes, and I can be confident that we are getting plenty of fruits, vegetables, and dense nutrition as part of this meal.

Getting Plenty of Rest

I read an article not too long ago that said being deprived of just one or two hours of sleep over the course of a week can leave you feeling as if you haven’t slept at all! I don’t know about you, but I need my eight hours a night. It helps me be a better mom, a better wife, and a better friend! One of my action items for this year is to make sure that we stick with a reasonable bedtime so that we can be well-rested, refreshed, and ready to start our day!

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What are your tips for how to keep your family healthy this year?



Am I Drinking Enough Water?

Am I Drinking Enough Water? What the experts say, and tips for how you can sneak in all of your ounces each day!

“Am I drinking enough water?” My skin is literally flaking off this winter {too much info? #sorry}. Rather than just pile on more of my favorite lotion, I decided to sit back and try and figure out the root cause. Well, it turns out, I'm not!

How much water do I need?

Did you know that experts recommend drinking 1/2 our body weight in water?

If you're like me, I’ve usually had a cup of coffee {or two!} and a breakfast shake before water even crosses my mind for the day. And even then, I tend to fall a few cups short. {Plus all that caffeine actually dehydrates and means I need even MORE water!}

Well, I found some great tips this week to sneak in some more water, and I plan to implement these starting TODAY {so of course, I had to share them with you}!

Top tips for drinking more water!

• Keep a glass of water in plain view, in one of your favorite cups {which for me will be a coffee mug!}. Make sure and take a few sips each time you walk into the kitchen!

• Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up and before every meal. {For me, this also means drinking at least one glass of water before I'm allowed a second cup of coffee for the day!}

• Carry water with you wherever you go {I’m going to start using my shaker cup – it’s BPA free and re-usable!}.

• Eating out? Order water instead of soda or tea. Not only will you be more hydrated, you’ll end up saving a few dollars, too!

• Don’t like the taste of water? Add lemon, lime, cucumber, berries or oranges to help perk up the flavor.

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What tips do you have for staying hydrated? How do you make sure you’re getting your “8 glasses a day”? And when was the last time you asked yourself, "Am I drinking enough water?"



Apricot Salsa Chicken {Slow Cooker Recipe}

Apricot Salsa Chicken {Slow Cooker Recipe} - There is nothing this busy mom loves more than a quick, easy crock pot recipe!! And when there's only three ingredients, you can bet I'm sold!

There is nothing this busy mom loves more than a quick, easy crock pot recipe!! When I'm deciding on a new recipe, I ask myself three questions: (1) Will we like it? (2) How many ingredients does it require? (3) How long will it take to prepare?

If there are too many things to chop or dice, or if it takes a long time to cook, you've already lost me! I love this Apricot Salsa Chicken crock pot recipe because it is quick, easy, and tastes great!


Directions: Add chicken, salsa, and preserves to the slow cooker Add thin layer of broth or water {if needed}. Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 6-8 hours.

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I want to know:  Are you as obsessed with your slow cooker as I am? What are your requirements for recipes?

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