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Free 2016 Printable Calendar

You may not believe me when I tell you this, but at 29+ years old {did you know birthdays stop after 29?!}, I still receive a Christmas stocking every year. I know, right?! If only YOU still believed in Santa Claus.... {I'll save my thoughts on that one for another time}... but seriously... one of the things I know I can expect in my stocking, almost without fail, is a brand new calendar. And not just any old calendar... a magical one... from Chick-fil-A... complete with a monthly coupon for some type of free yummy goodness! Well this free 2016 printable calendar isn't from my favorite fast food restaurant, and it doesn't come complete with a free monthly gift, but it's actually pretty cute AND you can print it off as many times as you want, no strings attached!

{Click here to download your FREE 2016 Printable Calendar!}

It's formatted for letter printer paper, but you can easily alter it to print on whatever size you'd like! And I left some extra space on each page to write down notes, monthly goals, action items, or anything else you might need to remember each month!

What's your favorite way to stay organized? I personally will have this printable calendar hung on the wall of my office with super-critical dates and deadlines highlighted, and I'll use Google Calendar and Acuity Scheduling* for my daily appointments and reminders!

What are your favorite tools for staying organized? Can you believe 2016 is already here?

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