Rachel Mcmichael:

The 3 Key Ingredients to an Irresistible Offer

If you've ever created an opt-in, program, webinar, or launch that didn't go as expected… and threw up your hands and started over – this episode is for you!

On today's episode, we're talking about the three key ingredients to an irresistible offer and how to make sure you're creating an offer your ideal client wants to invest in.

Let’s dive in!


>> At 2:49, I want to help you differentiate (before anything else!) between your product and your offer. We so often hear so many different ways that this vocabulary is used in the online space and if we don’t have a clear understanding of them, then we’ll be mixed up all along the way.


>> At 6:09, we dive right into the first crucial ingredient to your irresistible offer: the price. But it's not just any price…it's the actual value of your program.


>> At 10:38, after we talk about the second ingredient (spoiler: it’s all about the transformation you’re offering!), we dive into the third ingredient: your guarantee! Are you guaranteeing certain results to your clients and what are you promising them if they don’t meet those results?


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