Do you ever feel like you are just the WORST?! Maybe you’ve missed a huge deadline for a client, or you’ve had a knock-down, drag-out fight with your spouse, or you’ve snapped at your kids for no good reason?

Or let’s go deeper…

Maybe you’ve been pouring your heart, soul, sweat and tears into your business for months {or, *gulp,* years!} and you’re still not seeing a return on your investment?

Have you almost convinced yourself that your business is destined to fail? That somehow you’re not talented enough, not special enough, and not smart enough to turn things around?

Have the disappointments in your professional and personal life got you thinking that you are just the worst?!

Today, I want to talk with you about silencing your inner “mean girl.” Listen, every powerful woman I know has to battle that little voice inside that whispers to her that she isn’t meant for greatness… that she lacks the capacity to move her dreams into reality… that she’s nothing special.

I heard this voice when I started my online business. Before going out on my own, I had a successful career in the corporate world as a high-level accountant. I flew business class, stayed in gorgeous hotels, and packed my power suits in my fancy luggage.

However, clients didn’t exactly flock to me when I first started coaching and training through my own company. My private clients weren’t nearly as impressed by my educational and professional credentials as my corporate bosses had been. They only cared about results!

I had to PROVE myself, over and over again.

Honestly, it was exhausting, and there were times that I was this close to giving up.

It was exactly those times that my inner mean girl would chime in: “You’re not cut out for this. Give it up already, Rachel!”

Thank goodness I started to recognize what was going on with all of this self-criticism before I threw in the towel! You see, my inner mean girl always got louder right before I was about to do something really AMAZING! She would yell at me right before I released a new self-study course, or make some snide comment just prior to a discovery call with one of my ideal clients.

Once I realized that the mean girl was loudest just before a business victory, I began to recognize her for what she really was = the voice of my fear!

See, as long as you aren’t taking risks in your life or business, you won’t be challenged. And when you’re not challenged, you won’t grow. You’ll stay exactly where you are.

Have you heard that saying, “Better the devil you do know than the one you don’t?” Many people live their lives by it! They fear the unknown, so they accept living and/or working situations that are miserable instead of taking a risk and making a change.

I’m convinced that our inner mean girls are really inner scared girls!

They’re afraid of what may happen when we take that big leap and start working within our zone of genius. So they badger and berate us until we concede that we’ll stay small and play small.

But it’s totally possible to silence that inner critic and even to convert her into an inner cheerleader! You can do this by harnessing the power of your thoughts! Here’s my challenge to you:

  1. The next time you hear that familiar voice start to say something negative to you, make the choice to reject that thought. You can even say out loud, “I reject that. That thought is not useful.”

  2. Next, speak positive words about yourself out loud. These words can be as simple as, “I’m really organized!” or “I am very considerate of my clients.” Just think of something positive and true about yourself, and vocalize that thought.

  3. Repeat this practice each and every time your inner mean girl tries to tear you down. It will become easier and easier with time!

  4. For bonus points: Show your inner critic some grace, even while rejecting her negative statements. Recognize that she is simply trying to protect you, and reassure her that you’ve analyzed any risk you’re taking and it’s in her best interest!

You are AMAZING, and it would really be a shame if you let self-criticism stop you from offering your services to the people whose lives will be forever changed because of them!

Ban your inner bully and show yourself some love today!