Have you ever read a book that just spoke to you? Where the author was able to put into words everything that you'd been thinking and feeling? Darren Hardy has totally accomplished this is The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster {which I have officially deemed the best book for entrepreneurs because of all of his amazing top tips for success}! I can honestly say that I never thought I’d be in business for myself! As a 20-something year-old right out of college, I already had it all figured out. {Didn't we all?} I would work in public accounting for 12-15 years, get married, make partner, and raise my 2 children {a boy and a girl, of course} in our two-story, gigantic house in a beautiful suburb of a major metropolitan city.

Well, things didn’t work out quite like that. In fact, they didn't work out like that at all. {But in a totally good way!} I am blessed to own my own business and work from home, but I've definitely experienced some hiccups along the way. And I've also learned some amazing and valuable lessons! If you're a business owner or blogger, these tips are for you!

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Read the Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

This book should be on the required reading list for anyone who wants to go into business for themselves. Whether you’re a professional blogger, a business coach, a network marketer, or just someone with an idea on a napkin, run to Amazon* right now {don’t worry, I’ll wait} and grab a copy of The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster*! Darren tells you how it is, and shares his journey of entrepreneurship, and shares practical tips for success in a way that truly resonates with me!

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster should be on the required reading list for business! #jointheride

Surround yourself with others who support you.

I’m just going to be really honest with you, a lot of entrepreneurs and a lot of working women do not have a great support system from their friends and their community. In fact, many of my friends and most in my community told me that I was crazy when I first went into business for myself. {In this book, Darren talks about how this is very normal.} Several years in, I still get asked what I do, and I would guess that the majority of my friends have no idea that I have an entire team of women who help me run this amazing organization! Ladies, put your blinders on when it comes to negative influences, and prove them wrong.

Own your message.

Share what you are passionate about and share it often across all of your platforms. Share your story. Share your struggles. Share your successes. Be genuine and authentically you. Don’t compare yourself to what others are doing. We want to understand YOU! We want to know you, like you, and trust you! And we want to understand your mission and vision. If we don’t understand that you’re for us, we’re not going to choose you to serve us!.

Prioritize personal development

Personal development (i.e. getting smarter!) is a priority for me. Whether that’s reading a book {like this one!}, or listening to a podcast, or attending live training events, do something to be constantly and consistently growing.

Do something every day to be constantly and consistently growing #fitfluential #sweatpink

Take care of yourself.

Get enough sleep. Rest. Eat healthy. Exercise. Take care of yourself. You can’t help others until you’ve helped yourself. It’s the same reason the airlines tell you to put on your oxygen mask before you help those around you. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself – it’s loving! We take care of our bodies and our minds so that we will have the energy and the stamina to serve our clients and our families well. So that we can do the good things we were created to do!

Live your purpose.

When others ask me my top tip for success, it's this: I believe that when we are living our calling, we are successful. And I believe that looks different for everyone. Before I start any new business endeavor, I make sure to pray through it, and to really make sure that it aligns with my mission and vision, both for my business and for my family. In this book, Darren recounts a story where he interviewed Maria Shriver and asked her for her definition of success. He was surprised by her response! {I won't share it here, so now you'll really have to read the book!*} 😉

What are your top tips for success? What do you do every day to make it count? Have you had to overcome the naysayers and doubters?

I would love to hear your story and I would love to help you on your journey to success! XOXO