The Best Moments of the Business with Impact Podcast: Celebrating 200 Episodes!


The Best Moments of the Business with Impact Podcast: Celebrating 200 Episodes!

Today we are celebrating the 200th episode since the launch of this podcast!

It is so hard for me to believe that it's already been 200 episodes! I feel like it has just flown by and I know you can probably relate to that too in your life and in your business. Sometimes things that seem like they're going to take so long or they seem so hard at the beginning, they start to fly by once you catch that momentum and once you get systems, automation, and processes in place.

And this 200th episode marks almost 4 YEARS of podcasting! We talk all the time in the Business With Impact Academy about not despising small beginnings, and about starting small and taking the next best step…and 200 episodes, friend, that’s proof of what’s possible when you keep going.

Over the last 200 episodes we have had some incredible guest experts come and interview on the podcast and in honor of this milestone, I decided I wanted to do something a little bit different! We're going to share some clips from some of our favorite episodes

Now of course all of the guests on our podcast to date have been absolutely incredible, but we took some of our most popular episodes and some of the things that got the greatest feedback and have compiled this great “recap” episode for you!

I hope that today you’ll finish listening to this episode feeling inspired, motivated, excited, and ready to do big things in your business!


At 2:40, Jasmine Star from Social Curator talks to us about the importance of courage in your business and what she does when she hears the word “no.”


At 4:57, my business coach, James Wedmore, talks about mistakes and how you can reframe the way you see mistakes in your life and in your business.


At 6:39, Dr. Shannon Irvine tells us how science shows that we can rewire our brains when it comes to areas like fear and doubt.


At 8:21, Nicole Walters shares some of the mistakes that she sees business owners make–from giving away too much for free, to the things we tell ourselves that might not always be true.


At 10:14, Mel Abraham talks to us all about finances! In the Business With Impact Academy, we talk about the Three P’s: posture, presentation, and process. But Mel added a 4th P, and it’s too good not to share! This is one that is so important to keep in mind when it comes to money and wealth…and it’s all about PURPOSE.


At 11:03, Brandon Lucero takes everything we’ve ever learned about creating content and flips it upside down. He talks about WHY looking at content differently is so important for you, the online business owner.


At 12:23, Selena Soo talks about what happens when we move through the fear in our online business and what that makes possible for us!



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