I've alway been SO resistant to it… I used to tell all my #bizbesties that I didn't need it in my biz {because… honestly… I didn't}.

But after waiting and hemming and hawing {does that phrase translate internationally?} I finally did it…

I started doing LIVE videos!


Y'all… Anything that is worth doing is going to make us a little nervous at first!

I remember my first date… I stressed over what to wear… popped about 35 mints in the hours and minutes leading up to his arrival at the door… reapplied deodorant 17 times… and had clammy hands and sat up way-too-straight the whole time. I can't even remember if we made eye contact the entire date {but I do remember a Spice Girls song playing on the radio on the way to the movie!}

And after that first date, the second one wasn't nearly as terrifying. In fact, it was SO much more fun because I was so much less nervous. I had done it before. The fear was replaced with excitement!

The same is true in our lives and in our businesses. {And for me — with live video!}

Yes, you may adjust the lighting 75 times the first time… and re-do your hair and makeup 15 times. Yes, it may be totally awkward {ummm, you can just delete it if it's THAT bad!} But after that first time, it gets easier and easier!

…And you get more and more confident.

…And your videos get better and better.

Adding live video for just 30 days in my business doubled my gross revenues from October to November.

It opened up more conversations.

It created a deeper connection with my audience.

And it got me over a fear and an excuse that I've been making for months and months and months!

Maybe live video isn't your excuse — maybe it's been fear of something else that's been holding you back.

Whatever “that thing” is — I want you to do it — TODAY