Over the last year, I have worked with so many incredible clients launching amazing group programs.

But I've also witnessed from afar several launches that have failed .

And the more I look, the more I see it.

The problem is, most launches are not REAL launches.

They are a half-baked attempt at a launch. Do a webinar here, run an ad there, maybe sprinkle in a livestream on cart open day.

I know a coach who spent THOUSANDS to have an epic launch, outsourcing and investing heavily on funnel strategists, sales pages, membership sites and of course, don't forget Facebook ads. She had high hopes, high expectations, and she's an amazing woman! But even after all of these investments, she didn't reach her goal and was left feeling lost and embarrassed and questioning her ability…

So why does this happen?

It isn't because of the lack of hustle, it isn't because her idea isn't good enough, it isn't because the market is saturated…

It's because she didn't have a system that was right for her and for her market.

In the online world, I hear so many different strategies “do webinars”, “run Facebook ads”, try this kind of launch… But what happens when we cherry-pick from training to training is that we end up creating your own haphazard launch, based on guesses, ideas, and theory and what we “think” will work…

Listen, there is no “cookie cutter” approach to launching. Launching is about finding the right system that lights you up and you are excited about executing. But it's also important to start your launch experiment by testing a PROVEN A-Z system that works, then take the learnings from the first launch to test, tweak, pivot and make it even more awesome each time after. (And most importantly, have fun doing it!)

The reason my clients get such incredible results is because they follow a system. In fact, some of the most successful entrepreneurs are OBSESSED with systems.