You may have heard it referred to as personal growth. Some call it getting smarter. So what is personal development and why is it important? Personal development makes you smarter.

This is a fact! In fact, in a study that Anne Cunningham published in 2001, she compared the general knowledge of readers and television watchers. She said that readers not only knew more than television watchers, but they were also better at deciphering misinformation. In other words, reading improved their judgment because they had to to use cognitive facilities that you just aren’t required to use when you’re watching TV.

Personal development provides you with valuable content.

One of the questions I am often asked from my mentorship clients is: “I'm stuck – what do I post on Social Media?” The first question I ask them is “what are you reading?” Because let's be honest – if you're reading every day, you're constantly being filled up with new and valuable content to share with your following.

Personal development makes you a better leader/spouse/friend/parent/person.

Reading changes you. It gives you ideas, helps shape your beliefs and opinions about others and the world around you. Reading is good for the soul. It's good for relationships, and reading daily, even if just for 10 minutes or 10 pages, will have a compound effect on your business, your family life, and your soul.

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What are some recommendations for personal development or personal growth books?

So what should you read when you're reading for personal development? Obviously my #1 book recommendation is the Bible (I am currently loving The John Maxwell Leadership Bible* and highly recommend it for entrepreneurs or business leaders). I read my Bible first every day. And in addition, I read at least 10 minutes or 10 pages of another business-based or leadership-focused book.

These are a few of my favorite books on a variety of different business-related topics, along with a printable bookmark image below:

Struggling with Prioritization or Time Management?

Struggling with Leadership?

Struggling with Business Basics?

Struggling with not wanting to do Personal Development?

Struggling with Nutrition?

Struggling with Connecting to Others?

Struggling with Consistency?

Struggling with Getting things Done?

Struggling with Social Media?

What are you reading? What are your best recommendations when it comes to reading for personal development?