Recently, I shared a message with you about my top launch lessons from the launch of my FB Ads Academy LIVE program! {If you missed it, my #1 lesson was that launches can be a TOTAL BLAST!!!}.

So as I was thinking about how much fun I had during my own launch, I also thought about some of the women I’ve heard from who’ve had less than amazing launch experiences.

You may or may not know that my biz bestie Noor and I actually set up a FREE Facebook group called Launch It to help women who are ready to leverage their time and income by launching group programs or online courses.

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Both Noor and I have had spectacular launch experiences, and we don’t want to see any other women struggle with launches ever again!

We are committed to serving our clients on a larger scale, which is why we’ve launched group programs that allow us to leverage our time.

Are you looking to do something similar?

We want to help you avoid the most common mistakes people fall into while launching!

This past weekend, Noor and I did a FB Live in the Launch It group where we shared 10 mistakes that we see coaches make when launching their group programs and online courses. {#1 is one of the most common and most damaging, and #8 really tugs at our heart-strings!}

Listen, we’ve both had super successful launches, but even Noor and I have had a few flops early on. We made sure to dissect the launches that didn’t work so we could help you avoid our mistakes! {And of course, we took tons of notes on everything that propelled our successful launches, too!}

Noor and I realized there is nobody really breaking this stuff down and laying it out straight. Honestly, there is a lot of hype out there and not enough substance.

If you know you want to launch a live group program or a self-study course, then treat yourself to our FB live training inside the Launch IT Facebook group!

We’re also sharing all of our tips, tricks and secrets about pre-launch presence, targeted list building, social proof, email sequences, the importance of a team and much more inside the group!

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