How often do you say “No”? Do you turn down that second helping of pasta? Or how about that ice cream cone? Do you say “No” to hitting snooze on your alarm clock? 

It can be easy for us to feel good about saying “No” to these things I just mentioned, because we're already aware that they probably aren't the best choices for us. I mean, I know that I'm totally obsessed with getting my day started right and being productive in my life and business (so sorry, snooze button)! 

But what happens when we have to say “no” to seemingly “good” choices?

Like what about that time that you couldn't make it to a dear friend's out-of-town wedding because it was your daughter's birthday? Or when you had to turn down that prestigious work assignment to be able to spend more time with your family? 

It's easy to get frustrated when we feel like we're constantly having to say no to things that we'd really love to do! But we can totally reframe this, and I'm here to encourage you to view your “no” from a different perspective, starting right now. 

Every firm “No” is actually a powerful “Yes!”

Every time you say “no” to something, you're simply choosing an opportunity that is more important to you. When you align your choices with your values and goals (in both life and business), you are proactively designing a life that you love. 

So instead of thinking “No” to ice cream, think “Yes!” to feeling amazing and having more energy than ever. Instead of thinking “No” to the snooze button, think “Yes!” to an unhurried, productive morning! And if you're thinking this may be tough to get the hang of, it absolutely is! But it's SO worth it! 

In my own life, a very difficult “No!” led to a very important “Yes!” 

It was about 8 months ago. I had joined an elite group coaching program and was working one-on-one with my own high-level coach. Everything in my business was clicking! By implementing the strategies that my coach suggested and by doing a ton of inner work, I had gone from making a nice, steady income to a level I didn't even realize was possible! Plus, I was working with the BEST clients doing my favorite things (what can I say, I absolutely love all things tech!!). 

Then, opportunity came knocking! An amazing coach who I highly respect and admire offered me a high-level position in her company. She was looking for a Chief Operating Officer complete with flexible hours and significant pay. This was the chance of a lifetime. I'd be working with someone I think the world of AND earning an incredible salary, with flexible hours. It was safe and secure, just like I'd lived most of my life. 

But something in me knew that I wanted MORE. I didn't just want to be someone else's COO. I wanted to have my own company and build my own brand. Let's be honest, I wanted my own COO! 

So, as difficult as it was (I mean, like, feeling-sick-all-day-just-thinking-about-it tough), I said “No” to the offer and I said “Yes” to myself! Y'all, I can't tell you what a difference it made! Since then, my business has sky-rocketed! I've got a full slate of one-on-one clients, I've created self-study courses to de-mystify everything from Pinterest to Facebook ads, and I hired the most incredible team to help me give my amazing clients the best and most efficient service! 

Yes, I had to say “No” to what looked like a great opportunity, but I actually said “Yes” to a greater opportunity!

Next time you're weighing up your options, think about where your true “Yes” lies. Focus on the activities that will lead you to your ultimate goal, and be willing to let distractions fall by the wayside. 

You've got this! I believe in you!