When you have a three-year-old daughter like I do, watching Disney movies comes with the territory. {And confession: the little princess in me is kind of obsessed with all of the Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, and Tinker Bell moments we share!}

A few weeks ago, when my little princess and I sat down to watch Tinker Bell, I thought it would just be a fun diversion for an afternoon. But I was reminded of a very valuable lesson that I want to share with you!

If you haven’t seen the movie, I’ll go ahead and warn you that there are spoilers ahead! The film starts out telling the story of a little fairy named Tinker Bell whose talent is “tinkering,” or fixing things. She’s great at making tools and can repair anything that’s broken with her creative solutions.

Over time, however, Tinker Bell becomes frustrated that her job is a little less than glamorous. She decides that she’d rather be one of the water fairies, or the nature fairies, or the fast-flying fairies. She stops focusing on her own amazing talent and starts coveting the skills of the other fairies she meets.

So, Tinker Bell decides that she’ll just take matters into her own hands and work hard at developing the skills that the other fairies have! The problem is that she’s terrible at all the things they’re good at. It doesn’t matter how hard she tries; she just isn’t made to do the things that those other fairies can do {just like they can’t tinker like she can}!

Long story short, by trying to use skills that she doesn’t have, Tinker Bell ends up making a mistake that almost causes an eternal Winter! Thankfully, the other fairies step in and remind Tinker Bell how gifted she is at fixing things that are broken. Tinker Bell tinkers, and Spring is saved!

It’s a total adventure perfect for any 3-year old princess, and an incredible story about the importance of working within your Zone of Genius {this topic is discussed at length in Gay Hendricks’ book “The Big Leap”; if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you order a copy today}.

While we were watching the movie, I found myself thinking about how this lesson applies so much in business.

As entrepreneurs, it can be really easy to get distracted by what other women are doing. I mean, we are inundated with ads for coaches, consultants, and designers nearly 24/7, and it seems like there’s always a new way to “crush it” online.

I’ve totally found myself looking at a coach’s program and wondering, “Why can’t I do that? Should I change my offerings? Increase my prices? Try a different type of event?”

The problem with this approach is that it’s focused on everybody else instead of YOU!

You see, the only person that you have control over is YOURSELF. You can’t dull another woman’s shine or keep her from creating outstanding products or services – and thank goodness! Because the world needs what she has to offer!

And the world ALSO needs what YOU have to offer! No other biz owner can operate in YOUR zone of genius or do anything that will diminish your talents.

If you’re not quite sure where your zone of genius lies, here are a few questions that can help clarify:

  • What have you always LOVED doing? Think back on the activities you pursued when you were younger, before “real life” responsibilities set in.
  • What do people come to you for? Are you known for giving great advice? Or are you the BEST party planner in town? Or do you take gorgeous photographs of your friends and family? What are you known for?

  • What is your personality type? Are you introverted or extroverted? Do you love working alone or do you thrive in a team setting?

Use these questions as a starting point, and start journaling! When you start working in your zone of genius, you’ll be unstoppable!