“I have a Social Media Strategy Template, but what do I post when I'm out of ideas for what to post on social media?” I get this question often from the members of my Business Building Blocks Training, so today I want to answer it for you.

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Reading for Personal Development

First, I'll ask you the same question I ask them… “What are you reading?”

{Lean in, because I'm about to impart some serious wisdom here…} If you are not reading for personal development each and every day, you are denying yourself serious opportunities for personal growth. I love how Darren Hardy puts it in his book The Compound Effect*. He says

“Most people get tripped up by the simplicity of the compound effect. For instance, they quit after the eighth day of running because they're still overweight. Or they stop practicing the piano after six months because they haven't mastered anything other than “Chopsticks.” Etc. What they don't realize is that these small, seemingly insignificant steps completed consistently over time will create a radical difference.” -Darren Hardy, The Compound Effect

If you are not reading for personal development each and every day, you are denying yourself serious opportunities for personal growth.

Now I know what some of you are thinking… “Ok, so I read every day, but I don't want my social media profiles to just be a Rolodex of quotes.” {P.S. does anyone still use a Rolodex?} I hear you… And more importantly, I don't want you to do that either!

Vision, Mission, Brand

The next few questions I would ask you would be: “What is your mission? Your vision? Your brand? What do you want to be known for?”

If you aren't crystal clear on these four things, you will forever struggle with crafting your social media content, as these are the fundamental building blocks when developing your social media strategy template.

Once you've defined your vision, your mission, and your brand, you know exactly who you are speaking to and exactly what you want to be known for, and that makes it super-easy to begin to fill in your social media strategy template. For example, I am a business coach, personal trainer, CPA, toddler mom, pastor's wife, and coffee lover. If you head over to my Instagram account, I would imagine that you would be able to clearly see in the first 9 pictures a representation of each of these

Now, just a quick disclaimer – I'm not perfect! {I know, I know – you're shocked!} but seriously – I don't always get it right, so if you head over there and I haven't done a great job of this, you need to email me ASAP and tell me that I'm doing a bad job! {ok, maybe say it a little nicer than that!}

Create An Idea File

In addition to my social media strategy template, I also keep an “Idea File” within Evernote. In this file, I include images, quotes, thoughts, and pictures that resonate with me. On days when my tank is on empty, or when what I planned to post just isn't resonating with me, I can use this to jog my memory and give me ideas for fresh content to post to my social media channels.

Listen, I know that coming up with fresh content can sometimes be difficult. I've struggled with this, too. If you're a female entrepreneur who needs help with the Building Blocks of your business, check out my Business Building Blocks Course. I would be thrilled to help you ramp up your online business!

Do you have a social media strategy template? What do you do when you're running out of ideas for content?