You've probably heard that it's important to be focused when it comes to growing your business.

You need a clear vision, a solid mission, and a purpose.

And you need to have clear metrics to determine whether or not you're progressing toward your goals.

But are you focused on the wrong metrics when it comes to your business, and specifically to your social media accounts? 

If you've ever worried about how many hearts, likes, followers, and subscribers you have, you might be focusing on the wrong metrics.

Listen, I've been there! 

As busy business owners, sometimes we can get caught up in a popularity contest and forget to focus on what really matters.

Hear me when I say: I am guilty! I have done this, too.

But we have to stop!

We have to focus on what really matters.


The number of followers that you have and the number of individuals on your email list don't matter if they aren’t the right people.

If I have 57 or 157 or 1,057 people who view one of my Facebook posts, but they aren’t the right people {i.e. they aren't in my target market, they aren’t my target client, and they aren’t the people who would want to work with me}, it’s futile.

It’s a waste of time.


Let’s say you are a health coach who specializes in postpartum weight loss and you have the opportunity to speak to five new mothers who are struggling with their health and fitness and are ready for a solution, or you have the opportunity to speak to a room of 5,000 senior adult men.

Which opportunity makes the most sense? Which is more beneficial to your business?

Speaking with the five new moms who are ready for a change is going to be better for your business every single time.

And that’s where we have a tendency to get hung up.


We get hung up because we see someone else {hello, comparison} who has 5,000 followers and we want to be popular too! But if those 5,000 followers are geriatric men and aren't postpartum moms, they aren't doing anything to move our business forward.

From a business perspective, the quantity doesn't matter nearly as much as the quality does. 

So how do we attract these quality leads?

As we post across our social media platforms, we have to stop trying to be everything to everyone and start speaking directly to our ideal client.

We must be real, authentic, and unashamed.

Will we get unfollowed? Possibly. {Ok, probably}


I get unfollowed every single day. And it's a good thing!

Why? Because if someone unfollows me, it is because we no longer connect. And wishing they would come back is like pining for a relationship with an ex who just isn't interested. It's silly!

Because here's the reality – rather than focus on or worry about those who aren't interested, we need to shift our focus to those who are!

Every day, I have the amazing privilege of meeting and connecting with women I'm excited to serve. These women are the women who need to work with me – the ones I want to help – the women who are trying and are struggling to grow their online businesses. Women who are in need of direction.

If you fall outside of that scope, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to know you! Obviously there’s a reason that you’re here.

But these business owners are the women who I’m consistently speaking to across my social media platforms. 

Are you focused on the wrong metrics in your business? Find out!


This week, rather than focusing on how many people are following us, rather than getting caught up in the numbers, let’s get caught up in what really matters.

Your action item today is to focus on the metrics that matter. {Hint: it's not necessarily hearts, likes, and followers.} 

Let's start talking to our ideal clients, and let's watch as our metrics begin to rise – both quantitatively and qualitatively.