Over the last year, I have witnessed a lot of launches fail and the more I look around, the more I see it happening to unsuspecting {and totally amazing} women just like you and I.

So why does this happen?

The problem is, most failed launches are not real launches. When you break them down, you start to realize they really are just a half-baked attempt at a launch. Do a webinar here, run an ad or two there, host a live stream on cart open day… and… {crickets}.

I recently heard from a coach who invested thousands of dollars to create an epic launch experience and did not get the results she envisioned. Spending money on funnel strategists, sales pages, membership sites {and of course, don't forget Facebook ads}. This incredible woman who didn't reach her goals was left feeling lost and embarrassed and questioning her ability.

So why does this happen time and time again?

It isn't because of the lack of hustle. It isn't because the idea wasn't good enough. It isn't because the market is saturated. It's because the launch system was broken. She didn't have a system that was right both for her and for her market.

In the online world, I've lost count of the number of times I've heard coaches shouting “do webinars”, “run Facebook ads”, “try this”… but the problem is these are only pieces of the launch puzzle. And if you're not plugged into an A to Z launch system, you'll try to put the pieces together and will end up creating your own “kinda” launch based on guesses, ideas, theory, and what you “think” is working in the market…

Here's the reality: There is no cookie cutter approach to launching.

Launching is all about finding the right system that lights you up and that you are excited to execute. And while no two systems are the same, it's so so so important to start from a PROVEN system that works, implement the system, determine what works best for you, then test, tweak, pivot and make it even more amazing each time after. And most importantly — have fun doing it. {Launches were meant to be FUN!!}

With only one exception {which I shared all about in the Facebook group on Tuesday}, every successful launch I've executed {and there have been dozens and dozens} has been the result of executing a proven system.

In fact, the most successful entrepreneurs are totally OBSESSED with systems.

This is where The Launch IT Challenge comes in…

The Launch IT Challenge is so much more than another “online course”. It is a proven system designed for you to TAKE ACTION and IMPLEMENT.

Seriously – NOTHING get's left out. All you need to do is take action on our instructions to get your program or online course out to the world.

So that's what I want to invite you to do, sweet friend… to FINALLY pull off the launch you've been dreaming about… today is the day to start leveraging your time, income and IMPACT.

Join Noor and I next week in this exclusive {and totally FREE} Facebook group and get ready for the challenge to begin on Monday!