I'm confused... How does the per-seat pricing work?

You purchase the coupon code using the buttons below. Within 24 hours, you will receive a coupon code from our team. You use the coupon code to purchase the seats on behalf of your clients (using their email address to register each) or you share the coupon code with your clients so they can purchase the seats.

Can I start with the per seat pricing and upgrade to the annual license or membership site?

Absolutely! Any fees you've incurred toward the per-seat pricing will be subtracted from the cost of the annual license or membership site option, and your current clients will be removed from our membership site and transferred to yours.

What's the biggest difference between the packages?

With the per-seat pricing option, you receive a coupon code to use to purchase seats on behalf of your clients or to gift to your clients to purchase the tech library. Your clients receive lifetime access to the courses which are hosted on Rachel's membership site.

With the annual license, you receive the embed codes to the tech training library videos to use on your password protected membership site. This license can be renewed annually for 1/2 the initial investment.

With the membership site, you receive a template WordPress membership site that is customized for your branding. It's basically my videos in your site, and you receive a 2-year license for the videos. After two years, this license can be renewed annually for 1/3 the initial investment.

Which package is the best for me?

That totally depends on your situation. If you're a new coach with some amazing 1:1 clients who need some extra help with tech, but you aren't quite ready to host a group program, then the per seat pricing option works well for you.

If you're ready to take the leap into membership sites and want a site that also includes my tech training videos, the membership site option gives you the best of both worlds! You get my videos hosted in your custom branded site, and you can always upgrade the site to include your personal modules as well!

If you're a seasoned coach who already has a membership site and is ready to take your group program to the next level by offering tech training videos, the annual license is the best option for you!

Does the membership site include only your trainings, or can I add my own trainings?

The membership site only includes the tech training library + bonus videos. Because you will have control of the site, you are welcome to add your own trainings. Or you can hire our team as part of a Tech Hours bundle to upgrade your site.

Is the membership site built in Squarespace or WordPress?

The membership site is built in WordPress. But don't worry - even if your site is currently in Squarespace we've got you covered. We'll get you setup with hosting and add a subdomain (like members.yoursite.com) to your membership site.

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"There is no one better at tech than Rachel! Rachel created a BEAUTIFUL Business and Fitness membership site for my clients, which is going to be an AMAZING income stream I can use FOREVER! She is extremely quick and knowledgeable and can make anything possible for your site, ads, website, anything! She is the secret weapon to your back end business success, and takes ALL THE STRESS!"

- Jasmin Niemiec, Business Mentor + Running Coach