Coaching Program Details

This is for you if you’re ready to…

  • Create the business and life you’ve always imagined.
  • Create your own online brand (ideal for coaches, mentors, and service-based online businesses).
  • Positively impact + inspire the world.
  • Eliminate your fears, doubts, and excuses.
  • Turn your side-hustle into a thriving online business.
  • Learn the step by step process that will get you from starting and stuck to unlimited possibilities.

I personally work with my own business coach and know the incredible value of someone holding you accountable and sharing the proven system that works. In fact, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t sought the help I so desperately needed. 

While each 4-MONTH program is totally customized to support you, these are some of the topics we will work through…


  • Get crystal clear on the unique purpose that drives you.
  • Determine what you will offer and learn how to charge your worth.
  • Learn how to enjoy sales calls (access to the exact formula I use to book my ideal clients).
  • Overcome common objections (without being pushy) so you hear more yes’s and fewer no’s.
  • Connect with your ideal client and create unique products and programs that will leave her raving!


  • Create a blueprint and the exact roadmap for your success.
  • Create automated systems so that you can generate new leads while you sleep.
  • Design your ideal calendar and make time for what really matters.
  • Productivity, time management and delegation.
  • Design a business model that supports your unique purpose and mission.


  • Clarity on your ideal client (who she is, what she needs, where she spends her time).
  • Understand the desires of your niche market.
  • Find your clients where they are at, and attract your tribe.
  • Learn what selling really means, and why you shouldn’t be scared to market.


  • Break free from the negative thoughts that have been holding you back.
  • Determine what it is that’s been leaving you stuck, wrong, and confused, and transforming your thoughts.
  • Clarity on your desires.
  • Confidence to go after your desires and seek new opportunities.
  • Stop stressing and living in a state of uncertainty.
  • Freedom from limiting beliefs that have been paralyzing you.
  • Increased energy and a healthy living plan.
  • Learn how to live your authentic life.


  • Create a marketing plan that will increase your visibility and bring your ideal clients to you.
  • Brand yourself so your ideal client can find you!
  • Website development and training (step-by-step tutorials!)
  • Social media content calendars and a plan of action
  • Facebook Ads – including advice from a guest expert!
  • Newsletters and blogs – when to post, where to post, how often to post.
  • Write and share your story in a way that resonates with your ideal clients.
  • Build a list of ideal clients and stay connected with them!
  • Fill your webinars with potential clients who are excited to work with you.

"Going through Rachel McMichael’s business mentor-ship program has truly been the driving force behind my success in my personal training and on-line fitness business. Rachel’s business acumen resonates with every conversation we have together. Her assigned tasks and follow ups have created exactly the focus that I need to stay on track and grow my business. I highly recommend Rachel’s mentor-ship program to anyone looking to build their entrepreneurship endeavors"

- Meryl Marciante, Montreal Personal Trainer