Let's talk funnels and systems and all things tech!

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I remember what it was like...

....Downloading every opt-in freebie I could get my hands on.

...Scouring YouTube to try and find videos to teach me which tools I needed to build my company quickly.  

I would read about the latest platform {like the website I designed on Wix that lasted a grand total of two weeks} and spend hours learning how to use it, only to discover that another expert thought a different platform was actually better.

I kept chasing shiny object after shiny object without ever stepping back to learn which tools were really the best for me and for my business.

There are hundreds if not thousands of apps that are each designed to help entrepreneurs track, delegate, organize, and stay focused in their business.

So how do you navigate them all? How do you know which ones to use for your business?

SALES FUNNEL & Tech Overview

If you struggle with sales funnels, opt-ins, and landing pages {or maybe these terms even feel like a foreign concept to you}, then start here!

In this video, I'll walk you through the basics of the sales funnel process {and show you how selling is just like dating - yep, FB Ads are just like Match.com!}

Trust me: when you are able to automate everything in the background of your biz, you will have more time to do the things you actually love, and you’ll have the infrastructure in place to grow and scale your business like never before. Try it and see!


Apps and Tools that Work For You!

Now that you know where we're headed and why this is SOOO important, let's talk through the tools you'll need to get you there. 

In this workbook, you'll find a comprehensive list of the exact systems I recommend for new and seasoned business owners.

(Click the image below to download the PDF Toolkit!)


Yes, it’s important to have the right systems and tools in place. But just having these tools alone won’t make you successful. You have to know how to use them effectively.

If trying to figure out all this "tech stuff" leaves you wanting to throw your laptop out the window, and you're ready to hand it over to someone who has been in your shoes and can confidently steer you in the right direction, it would be my pleasure to serve you! Make sure to check out my Dream Biz Tech PackageTech Hour Bundles, and Self Study Courses.

You may be in business for yourself, but you don’t have to do this by yourself.

XOXO, Rachel