Do you own and operate a small business? Are you frustrated trying to build your social media platforms? Are you hoping to scale your business and earn a 6 figure income? If so, you need to learn, understand, and market on Pinterest.

Did you know that Pinterest is second only to Facebook in driving traffic to websites?

In this self-led e-course, Amanda Tress and I have joined forces to teach you how to use Pinterest to grow your website’s audience and traffic {which means more eyes on your content, more subscribers, and more customers!}. You will learn specific strategies and actions items that you can implement today to grow your reach.

And the best part about Pinterest – it’s evergreen, which means it will work for you while you sleep. Seriously, the strategies we will teach you can all be done in less than an hour per week! Crazy, right?!

"This course gave me a great understanding of how Pinterest works and how I can leverage it in my online business. I am already implementing strategies they covered and will continue to use what I learned as I build my business. Thanks ladies for a great experience!"

- Kristen Vest

Pinterest is a gold mine for small business owners and female entrepreneurs, but many aren’t using it to its fullest potential.

As part of this Self-Study e-Course, you will learn how to attract the right customers to your website and social media sites using effective, non-spammy marketing and sales strategies. In turn, you’ll be able to help people all over the globe via your small business. Satisfaction guaranteed.

This course will help you maximize your time on Pinterest, build a tribe of like-minded individuals, increase conversions, and take your business to the next level. We’ll cover branding, apps, boards, SEO, when to post, what to post, how to post, and more!

It would be our pleasure to help YOU ramp up a successful Pinterest platform to drive more follower engagement, leads, and ultimately – conversions.

Pinterest Self-Led E-Course {$147}

  • Self-study course aimed to help accelerate your Pinterest platform growth and engagement.
  • Social media marketing, digital media, business development, sales, and networking trainings.
  • Access to any and all updates in course material.

How it works:

  • The course, a self-led e-course, includes 20 training modules, videos, and worksheets to complete to keep you on track with your Pinterest strategies this year.
  • Participate in trainings and deliverables at your own pace.
  • Implement the strategies in this course for guaranteed return on investment. Truly, your satisfaction is my guarantee or your money back.

"Pinterest Academy has incredibly helpful tips and tricks for launching your business forward without a ton of daily work involved. You literally set it and forget it with the help of these ladies' insights and knowledge. Their suggestions are spot on, encouraging, and constructive. This course is a no brainer if you want more traffic driven to your website and to create another avenue for passive income! "

- Kelli Tobin

"Pinterest Academy was extremely helpful in learning how to use pinterest to leverage traffic to your website. The tutorials were in depth but very easy to complete. I'm confident that this training will help take my business to the next level!"

- P. Jeanne