Gone are the days where men are in charge of all things techy!

Move over geeky man with specs... I'm Rachel and I'm The Techspert™.

Between taking care of my family, grocery runs, and yoga... I live, breathe, and love tech.

Yes, you heard that right ladies!

While you’re bashing your head against your computer trying to work out why your website isn't working, your ads aren't converting or your landing page doesn't look pretty, I’m busy doing all of that for FUN!

I’m totally obsessed with helping entrepreneurs take the stress out of tech so they have time for the things they love in their business.

Here in my corner of the internet, you’ll find tips and inspiration on life, business, and all things tech!

"I often spend a great portion of my day talking to my computer trying to cajole it in to doing what I want. This can sometimes end in shouting and tears. By me, not the computer. Rachel takes this pain away. She speaks laptop speak and made all things harmonious in my tech world. Working with Rachel was a relief, not only did she get systems in place for me with uber speed, she explained different ways of working in terms I understood. No robot speak, no more googling answers or searching help menus. Rachel was all about creating systems for me and my business that would be robust with growth. She understood my needs as an entrepreneur, unique in the tech space. One hour with Rachel saved me days on my own, giving me more time to make money in my business. Rachel has a great spirit and HUGE passion which oozes in her sessions. I almost want to create a tech issue so I can spend more time with her! Grab her packages with both hands before she sells out."

- Penny Comins, Entrepreneur Coach