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Schedule A 90 Minute Intensive

Who is the intensive for?

The 90-Minute Intensive was designed with you in mind! Maybe you’re wanting to plan out your launch… or maybe it’s ads you’ve been struggling with. Maybe you’re not in the position to hire a full-time launch coach or an ads manager, but you know you need an expert’s eyes on your business. This package was designed for you!

How does the intensive work?

Once you’ve completed payment and completed the contract, our team will send you an intake form.
We’ll schedule two 45-minute calls with Rachel exactly one week apart.
Prior to the first call, you’ll submit all of the materials for Rachel’s review. Let’s assume you’re scheduling a Facebook Ads Consult Intensive. In this case, you’d send Rachel all of the data and details from your ads — your landing page URL, thank you page URL, screenshots of your landing page performance, ad images and copy, and ad performance.
Rachel will study and review these documents prior to the first call, to make sure you have plenty of time together to create the perfect customized plan for you!
During your call, Rachel will answer all of your questions and provide a detailed action plan and next steps.
You’ll take action on these recommendations, and send any updates to Rachel prior to the second call.
During your second call, you’ll celebrate your successes and again, Rachel will answer all of your questions and provide a detailed action plan and next steps for you and your business.

Schedule A 90 Minute Intensive

“I came to Rachel because I was STRUGGLING with Facebook Ads. I could not master my targeting and knew as soon as we would hop on the phone, Rachel would know exactly what to do. But here's the best part: Rachel didn't just give my tips on fixing my targeting, she FULL ON fixed my marketing strategy and gave me a full action plan to grow my business (in 45 minutes!) Rachel is not only a tech genius, but a authentic, intuitive, sincere business coach. These two super powers make her a FORCE to be reckoned with. YOU NEED RACHEL IN YOUR BUSINESS!”

 Jasmin Niemiec, Business Mentor + Running Coach

“I earned my first 5 figure month after working with Rachel and now am almost consistently earning 5 figures a month!!!! When I started working with Rachel, my business lacked focus and organization. Rachel is a fantastic mentor. She is always pushing me to think deeper, to work on my strategies, to set stretch goals and to improve myself so I am a better leader. Rachel has helped me take a business that was disorganized and overwhelming to a company that I absolutely love and can't wait to continue to grow.”

– Karoline Rose, KRose Marketing & Consulting

“Before my coaching session with Rachel, I felt completely overwhelmed by the technical side of running my business. That was so frustrating, because I know that so many people need the help that I'm able to provide, but I couldn't figure out how to reach them! In our very first coaching session, Rachel showed me multiple strategies for increasing my reach through both Facebook and Pinterest. She also coached me through setting up my very first e-mail funnel! I've known I've needed this kind of help for so long, but I never knew where to find it. Connecting with Rachel has been a complete game-changer for me! Now I've got a clear-cut strategy to attract the right people to my list, and I'm able to find and serve the clients that need me most. It feels amazing!!! If you're on the fence about hiring someone to help you with your business, I can promise you that you're in great hands with Rachel!”

– Sara Anna Powers, Success Coach & Copywriter

“I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed by how I thought my business needed to run. I'll never forget it when Rachel took an inventory of everything I liked to do. She told me if I didn't like to do something, I never had to do it again. She helped me figure out what energizes me and encouraged me to focus on those things. Rachel is a fantastic mentor who always gives me actionable steps to take to move my business forward, and goes above and beyond helping me understand the tech stuff that usually makes me pull my hair out. I can't wait for our next strategy session!”

-Sarah Mueller, Registered Dietitian & Fitness Consultant

“When I first started working on my marketing campaign on Facebook with Rachel, I was clueless. On our first consultation, I knew that Rachel knew her stuff. She helped me tweak a few things with my campaign and opt in and suddenly my advert was doing well! She's engaging, informative and fun and takes the headache out the techy stuff!! On our second consultation, she further helped me extend and expand my campaigns and now I've found the perfect audiences and my list is growing! I will never hesitate to hire Rachel for any of my “tech” stuff as this is a blonde bombshell that knows her stuff and helped me save $100's on mistakes. If you are looking for a techspert then she is your girl!!”

– Noor Hibbert, Business and Life Coach for Mumpreneurs

“I am the first to admit that Tech is not my forte! After spending far too many hours trying to figure out why my Facebook Ads weren’t giving me what I expected, I turned to Rachel. I sent her screenshots of the ‘behind the scenes’ analytics and she spent the time to go over what I needed to do and broke it down into simple steps for me to follow. After a few days of implementing Rachel's steps, my email list increased from 6 to over 250 – literally in a few days. I now have a list of engaged people that I email and broadcast to. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone who needs guidance on systems and all things Tech!”

– Dee Reid, Founder & Career Success Coach

“Rachel is an incredible woman who makes juggling being a mom, wife, and business woman look easy. After we had a 15 minute chat, I really wanted to invest in a call with Rachel, but was nervous about the investment after being burned in the past. I was cautiously optimistic, so I invested in a 45 minute call with her.

The investment was 100% worth it.  Before my call with Rachel, I was feeling really stagnant – like I was simply treading water – in my business. I had great services in place, a great support system with incredible women, but nothing to continue to serve my clients. Rachel came to our call with not just one, but several ideas to not only grow my business and revenue, but also to serve my clients with the talents I already have with very little investment to get started. I'm within an arms reach of making back my investment, and it was only 7 days after we spoke (with a holiday peppered in there).

Invest in Rachel. You will not regret it!”

 Shawna Pence, photographer and branding strategist

Schedule A 90 Minute Intensive

Schedule A 90 Minute Intensive