"I earned my first 5 figure month after working with Rachel and now am almost consistently earning 5 figures a month!!!! When I started working with Rachel, my business lacked focus and organization. Rachel is a fantastic mentor. She is always pushing me to think deeper, to work on my strategies, to set stretch goals and to improve myself so I am a better leader. Rachel has helped me take a business that was disorganized and overwhelming to a company that I absolutely love and can't wait to continue to grow."

- Karoline Rose, KRose Marketing & Consulting

"When I first started working on my marketing campaign on Facebook with Rachel, I was clueless. On our first consultation, I knew that Rachel knew her stuff. She helped me tweak a few things with my campaign and opt in and suddenly my advert was doing well! She's engaging, informative and fun and takes the headache out the techy stuff!! On our second consultation, she further helped me extend and expand my campaigns and now I've found the perfect audiences and my list is growing! I will never hesitate to hire Rachel for any of my "tech" stuff as this is a blonde bombshell that knows her stuff and helped me save $100's on mistakes. If you are looking for a techspert then she is your girl!!"

Noor HibbertBusiness and Life Coach for Mumpreneurs

"I often spend a great portion of my day talking to my computer trying to cajole it in to doing what I want. This can sometimes end in shouting and tears. By me, not the computer. Rachel takes this pain away. She speaks laptop speak and made all things harmonious in my tech world. Working with Rachel was a relief, not only did she get systems in place for me with uber speed, she explained different ways of working in terms I understood. No robot speak, no more googling answers or searching help menus. Rachel was all about creating systems for me and my business that would be robust with growth. She understood my needs as an entrepreneur, unique in the tech space. One hour with Rachel saved me days on my own, giving me more time to make money in my business. Rachel has a great spirit and HUGE passion which oozes in her sessions. I almost want to create a tech issue so I can spend more time with her! Grab her packages with both hands before she sells out."

- Penny Comins, Entreprenur Coach

"I'm a Body Image Coach, who supports women in feeling Fabulous, Amazing, Gorgeous in their own skin. I'm completely new to coaching and have found myself lost a few times with all the technical terms and all the little things that I needed to make things run smoothly. Rachel is competent in all the fields I asked her questions. She listens to me with great attention, supports me in making the right decisions for my business and she's funny!! She has done it all, tested the water and she knows what's working so I've been able to save time guessing. I highly recommend Rachel to everyone who is thinking about having a coach!"

- Anita Smith, Body Image Coach


"If you're beating your head against the wall and draining your bank account with little return on Facebook ads, STOP the madness and work with Rachel. I don't want to know how much money I wasted prior to working with her, but now I know, every penny I spend counts. But Rachel isn't just smart and efficient. She has a contagious joy for watching others succeed, which is rare. She won't just be excited to get your business; she'll be excited about your mission."

- Michelle Myers, Founder of She Works His Way, Cross Training Couture, and Myers Cross Training


"I always thought I was pretty tech saavy... until I started my own business. There were so many options, it made my head spin! Thankfully, I found Rachel. She helped me get clear on my options and develop a tech strategy that works for me! She made it easy to understand and showed just how user friendly it could me. So glad to have Rachel as my techspert and secret weapon for all my technical business needs."

- Nicole Pitsinos, Lifestyle Strategist

"Going through Rachel McMichael’s business mentor-ship program has truly been the driving force behind my success in my personal training and on-line fitness business. Rachel’s business acumen resonates with every conversation we have together. Her assigned tasks and follow ups have created exactly the focus that I need to stay on track and grow my business. I highly recommend Rachel’s mentor-ship program to anyone looking to build their entrepreneurship endeavors"

- Meryl Marciante, Montreal Personal Trainer

"Before working with Rachel I was incredibly stressed and overwhelmed with all of the projects and ideas I had in mind to grow and build my business. As a mother to two young children I only have a few hours each day to get things done, but knowing where to start and focus my time was difficult to figure out. With Rachel's help I've been able to use my time efficiently to get the tasks done in the order that will move my business forward. My time management has gotten better and those ideas have now been turned into action. I love the accountability Rachel gives as well as her follow through with weekly action plans. Without her help, I have no doubt that I would still be feeling stressed and be lacking in implementing my ideas. She's given me great direction in my business that is worth far more than the money spent for her time. So grateful and highly recommend her Business Mentorship Program!"

- P. Jeanne, Blogger and Health Coach

"This course gave me a great understanding of how Pinterest works and how I can leverage it in my online business. I am already implementing strategies they covered and will continue to use what I learned as I build my business. Thanks ladies for a great experience!"

- Kristen Vest, Health & Wellness Coach & Photographer

"Pinterest Academy has incredibly helpful tips and tricks for launching your business forward without a ton of daily work involved. You literally set it and forget it with the help of these ladies' insights and knowledge. Their suggestions are spot on, encouraging, and constructive. This course is a no brainer if you want more traffic driven to your website and to create another avenue for passive income! "

- Kelli Tobin, Fitness Coach

"Thank God for Rachel! As someone who finds the world of technology a bit daunting, I was over the moon to get to work with her. Working with Rachel has made my life so much easier. Not only is she super smart and helpful, she is also really lovely and easy to talk to. If she can explain this stuff to me in a way that I understand it, she can explain it to anyone!" 

- Amy Shefik, Personal Development Coach

"Before my coaching session with Rachel, I felt completely overwhelmed by the technical side of running my business.  That was so frustrating, because I know that so many people need the help that I'm able to provide, but I couldn't figure out how to reach them!  In our very first coaching session, Rachel showed me multiple strategies for increasing my reach through both Facebook and Pinterest.  She also coached me through setting up my very first e-mail funnel!  I've known I've needed this kind of help for so long, but I never knew where to find it.  Connecting with Rachel has been a complete game-changer for me!  Now I've got a clear-cut strategy to attract the right people to my list, and I'm able to find and serve the clients that need me most.  It feels amazing!!! If you're on the fence about hiring someone to help you with your business, I can promise you that you're in great hands with Rachel!" 

- Sara Anna Powers, Success Coach & Copywriter

"I am the first to admit that Tech is not my forte! After spending far too many hours trying to figure out why my Facebook Ads weren’t giving me what I expected, I turned to Rachel. I sent her screenshots of the ‘behind the scenes’ analytics and she spent the time to go over what I needed to do and broke it down into simple steps for me to follow. After a few days of implementing Rachel's steps, my email list increased from 6 to over 250 – literally in a few days. I now have a list of engaged people that I email and broadcast to. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone who needs guidance on systems and all things Tech!"

- Dee Reid, Founder & Career Success Coach

Before I met Rachel, I'd try and figure out tech stuff myself and it was such an uncomfortable feeling. In fact, I'd hate every moment of it. I knew it was not my area of expertise, but I had no idea that there could actually be someone out there that would enjoy doing this stuff and have such an incredible personality too. Then I found Rachel! OMG, what an incredible woman! I wish I had found her sooner. I came to Rachel with a very basic knowledge of Facebook Ads, Funnels and CRM and she listened to my frustrations and then walked me through the whole process. It was like magic! Rachel knows her stuff and explains in the most plain talking and fun way possible. She loves tech, and after speaking with Rachel, I was even more excited about tech too. There's no need to suffer in silence and try and figure it out alone. Rachel is your go to for tech stuff! It's her zone of genius and she loves it! I cannot recommend Rachel enough!

Tilean Clarke, SOUL Success Coach

“Working with Rachel is so much fun! Before working with her, I was stuck on my own website. I couldn’t seem to figure out how to make anything happen. Rachel was a lifesaver! After working with her, I was able to easily implement everything I wanted to do. Rachel really listens to your needs as a business owner, and makes it so easy to work with her. I was able to make changes to my website, easily understand how to stay organized with my campaigns, and maximize my use of social media. Rachel is an amazing techspert!”

- Sarah Liz Byrd, Personal Development Coach

"I came to Rachel because I was STRUGGLING with Facebook Ads. I could not master my targeting and knew as soon as we would hop on the phone, Rachel would know exactly what to do. But here's the best part: Rachel didn't just give my tips on fixing my targeting, she FULL ON fixed my marketing strategy and gave me a full action plan to grow my business (in 45 minutes!) Rachel is not only a tech genius, but a authentic, intuitive, sincere business coach. These two super powers make her a FORCE to be reckoned with. YOU NEED RACHEL IN YOUR BUSINESS!"

- Jasmin Niemiec, Business Mentor + Running Coach

"I absolutely love working with Rachel!  She's been super patient with me as a client, as the learning curve has been steep and I had to put my project on hold for a little while.  She truly is the "Techspert", and her energy and enthusiasm for her craft is fantastic.  From my initial request for website development--that she translated and created so amazingly for me--I have found myself getting her help for many other techy parts of my business, and it has been SO worth it.  Make your life easier and more joyful and work with Rachel!"

- Paula Haubrich, Success Coach at Lead Your Way Coaching

"I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for Rachel! She is a total lifesaver! I like to think I'm pretty tech savvy but with constant updates it can be hard to keep up. After working on activating a Facebook Pixel all night, I reached out to Rachel for support and she got everything up and running less than 45 minutes after receiving my initial email. Thanks to her help, I'm on track with the launch of my ad and hitting my first 5-figure month! Thank you so much Rachel! I couldn't have done it without you!" 

- Beth G. Harper, Business & Marketing Coach

"I am so glad to have crossed Rachel's path!! She has been such a significant part of my business development. She creates a clear path for success and helps make the process of integrating tech seamless. I am in absolutely, no way, technically saavy. I want to dedicate my time to creating programs for ambitious career women, not learning how to build a website! She was able to take my vision for my site and make it reality! I get so many positive comments on how great my website is. Rachel has simplified the process for me and created step-by-step lessons on all things tech that I can refer to so that I can accomplish tasks on my own. She has empowered me and made me feel like I CAN figure out technology. She is such a life-saver and explains the techy talk to me in a way that MAKES SENSE. I have loved working with Rachel and will definitely work with her again!"

- Ericka Eller, Women's Wellness Coach

"Since working with Rachel and her team, I have had the opportunity to see the power of an amazing website!  Not only did they completely revise my website, she suggested rebranding. BEST IDEA EVER!  Rachel was able to capture my brand, message and best of all my personalty with my new branding.  I am very thankful she took the leg work out of doing all of the tech side of my business so I could focus on serving my clients!"

- Jen Becker, Brand Development & Success Coach

"My experience working with Rachel and her amazing team on my tech needs has been nothing short of fabulous!  Rachel is a wonderful listener and was able to translate my vision into a website and brand that I love and am proud of.  Her energy, passion and purpose shines through in every element of her business.  I truly appreciated the project updates that I received, as well as the attention to detail that her whole team exhibited to meet my technical goals and objectives. Don’t hesitate on working with Rachel. She is the real deal and will help to take your business to new levels.”

- Karen Schmidt, Business Success Coach + Strategist

"I was referred to Rachel by my wife who had great things to say about Rachel’s skills and professionalism and I was certainly not disappointed. Rachel was knowledgeable, attentive and passionate about helping our business improve and grow our online footprint. I would recommend Rachel without hesitation!"

- Mike Thomas, AssureSource

"Rachel went above and beyond to help me up-level my Career and Leadership Coaching business. She got into the nitty-gritty of my web copy, branding, product offering and content strategy. With all of that in place, I was able to set up the infrastructure for a thriving business and a growing audience that I can serve with my mission of helping women reinvent their careers after the life-changing (and mind-blowing) milestone of becoming a mom.  I was inspired to see Rachel in action with all of the various technology tools we used along the way. She truly speaks tech and made me feel like that’s within my reach. Overall, the three months was game-changing for me and my business."

- Rachel Garrett, Career & Leadership Coach

"Working with Rachel has been a dream, she spent time really understanding my needs and setting milestones. Rachel really knows her stuff and makes "tech" seem less scary and more accessible. I now understand Facebook advertising and have got adverts that convert into paying clients. Rachel is positive, energetic and brilliant to work with. She has really helped me move to the next level of my business and I would recommend her to anyone wanting tech support and to upscale what they are doing. Thank you Rachel, I have now started 2017 on a high and it is all down to you."

- Ruth Kudzi, Personal Development Coach

"Rachel McMichael guides you from wanting to cry and throw your computer out the window to a place of calm safety, because you know she’s got your back! I struggled with the tech pieces of my business till no tomorrow. Seriously, I wanted to get into personal development to change lives but I could figure out how to make all the pieces work to even let people know what I was doing! I wanted to cry most of the time because I was so frustrated. I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. I had no idea coaching required me to have an IT degree. Rachel got on the phone with me, talked me off the ledge and took all the tedious, foreign crap off my plate! She was a godsend! She took all the mess and made it work! Not only did she make it work she made it pretty! She was a tremendous help with all systems but especially the website! The website is my calling card to the world. It’s the first place people come to check me out and snoop around to see if we might be a good fit and I wanted it to represent me well! She nailed it! I love my website and I love that I am able to go in and make tweaks when I want! Would totally recommend Rachel….. you aren’t throwing in the towel by outsourcing, you're smart and you can get back to working on the pieces of your biz you actually enjoy!"

- Samm Murphy, Life & Business Coach

"I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed by how I thought my business needed to run. I'll never forget it when Rachel took an inventory of everything I liked to do. She told me if I didn't like to do something, I never had to do it again. She helped me figure out what energizes me and encouraged me to focus on those things. Rachel is a fantastic mentor who always gives me actionable steps to take to move my business forward, and goes above and beyond helping me understand the tech stuff that usually makes me pull my hair out. I can't wait for our next strategy session!"

-Sarah Mueller, Registered Dietitian & Fitness Consultant

"Words cannot describe how thrilled I am with the work Rachel has done on my website and membership site. When I first got in contact with Rachel she filled me with confidence that she could create the perfect website for me. I had a business which needed completely rebranding to make it a success and Rachel knew exactly how to do it. Over the months that we worked together, nothing has been too much trouble. Rachel isn’t happy until you are happy and she has put in 110% to ensure I loved what she had created. I cannot recommend Rachel and her team enough, I couldn’t possibly have done this without her and I am so thankful for her work."

- Robyn Turner, Fit-Mums

"Wow, technology is certainly not my zone of genius and it is most certainly Rachel’s! What a huge relief she is to any business owner who loses hours of time trying to work things out ultimately zapping all of their creative energy. I cannot recommend Rachel enough, she is a a complete people person and ‘techspert’ all rolled into one! It is clear Rachel loves everything to do with technology but she is also able to not only explain clearly but to engage people like me so I don’t completely switch off which is what usually happens! Business owners, we need not suffer anymore when Rachel is on hand to help, we can spend time on what we are good at instead. Phew….thank you Rachel!"

Lulu Minns, Success Coach for Legal Professionals

“I started working with Rachel in December 2016. I was nervous but super excited as I was wanting to take my business to the next level with Facebook Ads. In January, I ran my first live class and Rachel (plus her team) were able to create amazing ads at a cost per conversion of around a dollar or less. I saw incredible results with my first live class and it has me eager to run my next one. Rachel is involved in the whole process and makes sure she does the best for you and your business but also makes sure to bring your vision to life.”

- Jessica Vaughn, Author, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Fitness Coach


"There is no one better at tech than Rachel! Rachel created a BEAUTIFUL Business and Fitness membership site for my clients, which is going to be an AMAZING income stream I can use FOREVER! She is extremely quick and knowledgeable and can make anything possible for your site, ads, website, anything! She is the secret weapon to your back end business success, and takes ALL THE STRESS!"

Jasmin Niemiec, Business Mentor + Running Coach