The Accelerator Mastermind

Create Your BREAKTHROUGH Year & Reach Your Business Goals FASTER!

2 Programs in 1: Custom Coaching in a Mastermind Setting


This mastermind is designed to accelerate your success! This program is comprehensive… it includes everything from detailed step-by-step training to 1:1 coaching to mastermind hotseats to in-person connection, networking, implementing, brainstorming and more!


You have the option to commit for either 6 months or 12 months with the option to continue at the end of each time period. We’ve found that a minimum of six months gives you enough time to see results and experience real changes in your online business.

Monthly 1:1 Lifeline Calls with Rachel

This mastermind is designed to accelerate your success! This program is comprehensive… it includes everything from detailed step-by-step training to 1:1 coaching to mastermind hotseats to in-person connection, networking, implementing, brainstorming and more!

Private Facebook Community

This is a mastermind-only members community where you’ll never wait to get a question answered – Inside the private member’s area you can get your peer’s eyes on your business and their valuable feedback on anything that’s happening. No more blank stares from others who don’t get it… Here, you always have a place where we will understand what you mean when you talk about your business. We are better together, and when our tide rises, we all rise together!

Monthly Group Coaching Hot-Seat Calls

so that you don’t have to make all of the decisions in your business alone. You’ll share what’s happening in your business with the Mastermind and have a group of rockstar business owners there to support you in making the best decision for you. These calls will help you identify what your business wants and what it needs. Staying stuck isn't an option and no topic is off-limits during these LIVE mastermind sessions. In addition to getting support from your mastermind peers, you’ll also get my direct feedback on each and every question.

Live Retreat

These events happen twice a year (so once per 6-month time period!) and are an opportunity for all to be in the same room, face-to-face to work on your business! (And for those who aren’t able to attend in-person, we do offer streaming). The retreats are workshop models, so you leave with your fire started and your work DONE. You can often do more in two focused days of work than you can do with little bits at a time. In these two days, we can fast track your results by getting laser focused on the next big piece for your business so that you walk away with something implemented and done, so that you can keep moving forward.

BONUS Accountability and Goal Setting

With our twice-monthly accountability check-ins, we’re committed to making sure that you take the action you need to get the results you desire.

BONUS Insider Access

Your Mastermind membership includes access to ALL of our programs – including The Business with Impact Academy™, our signature build-your-best adventure program which includes eight modules packed with intentional and time-tested business strategy, tools, templates, and training so that you move away from fad marketing trends, build your best business adventure, and create a business that you love that’s proven and scalable.

BONUS Training and mad-libs style templates

that you can copy/paste or upload into any software or messaging system so that you can eliminate the time spent staring at a blank cursor and start serving more of the customers who need your product, program, or service.

BONUS Guest Expert Library

with industry powerhouses like James Wedmore, Dr. Shannon Irvine, Jen Casey, Mel Abraham, Colin Boyd, Rachel Perry, etc so that you’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at what’s working for the experts in our industry and how they’re getting results.

BONUS VIP Ticket to Impact Profit LIVE

What if you could have two days together, in a room, with your peers + coaches, to implement ALL the things (and learn faster, easier ways to make it all happen)? That’s what we’re doing here! Come join us for this 2-Day workshop where I reveal the exact framework I've followed to scale all three of my businesses to 6-figures+ (working only four hours a day, four days a week). You can be a great mom AND a great business owner – and I'll show you exactly how I navigate both! We’ll dig into the nitty gritty of all the things you need to do to predictably grow and automate your online business without the guesswork or overwhelm. Yes, these are the things you WISH other gurus would stop glossing over and finally give to you straight. During this workshop, we’re not just going to tell you what to do while your eyes glaze over and you take a ton of notes — no — we’re going to do it together. And you’ll have the other participants there to bounce ideas off of and to make sure that you walk away with a strategy + plan that works for your unique business.

Participating in the accelerator mastermind program has been really pivotal in me being able to get that excitement back into my business. If you're considering Rachel's programs or mastermind, don't think too hard or long about it. It is a no brainer.


Being able to share our business ideas and our direction and our focus and everything we have going on in our business with the other mastermind members here has been amazing. So if you are on the fence about Rachel's program about the mastermind or about the academy, just jump in! Rachel's amazing, she really knows her stuff.

-Sandra and Melissa