What’s Next?

  1. Complete the contact form below, and I'll be in touch to arrange a complimentary consultation (30 minutes).
  2. We'll meet to discuss your needs, get clear on your vision, and make sure we're are a good fit to work together.
  3. You’ll purchase your Membership Site tech package, and I’ll send your personalized Welcome Pack and Contract.
  4. We'll schedule our 60-minute strategy session. During this call, we'll work through everything we need to begin you custom designed membership site. We’ll create a project plan and a timeline that meets your business needs.
  5. You’ll receive weekly status reports about progress. {We’ll communicate mostly via email and the occasional phone strategy session}
  6. Once your package is complete, you’ll receive access to the entire tech training library so that you {or your VA} can make any updates and changes.

MEMBERSHIP SITE Investment: STARTS AT $2,000 paid in full*

*payment plans are available

Additional details

Payment plans are available. You will receive an invoice when payment is due. You will have a 3-day grace period to fulfill payment. Payments not received timely will incur a $25 late fee. No services will be rendered until payment and late fees are paid in full. Deposits and any costs associated with the project are nonrefundable.

My logo will be placed at the bottom of your site and must remain on your site for as long as you continue to use the designs from my company.

Client is responsible for all hosting costs unless otherwise discussed.

"Rachel McMichael guides you from wanting to cry and throw your computer out the window to a place of calm safety, because you know she’s got your back! I struggled with the tech pieces of my business till no tomorrow. Seriously, I wanted to get into personal development to change lives but I could figure out how to make all the pieces work to even let people know what I was doing! I wanted to cry most of the time because I was so frustrated. I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. I had no idea coaching required me to have an IT degree. Rachel got on the phone with me, talked me off the ledge and took all the tedious, foreign crap off my plate! She was a godsend! She took all the mess and made it work! Not only did she make it work she made it pretty! She was a tremendous help with all systems but especially the website! The website is my calling card to the world. It’s the first place people come to check me out and snoop around to see if we might be a good fit and I wanted it to represent me well! She nailed it! I love my website and I love that I am able to go in and make tweaks when I want! Would totally recommend Rachel….. you aren’t throwing in the towel by outsourcing, you're smart and you can get back to working on the pieces of your biz you actually enjoy!"

- Samm Murphy, Life & Business Coach