On today's episode, I'm interviewing Michelle Myers, the founder of she works His way, about the growth of her business and how she prioritizes making an impact in her field.

Michelle had no idea what started as a Google hangout at 5am with three friends would one day result in the title of "founder" of she works His way. But here we are, almost five years later, with hundreds of women gathered for the same reason we started: How can I glorify God, honor my family, and serve others at work? She's the creator of Network Marketing Nobility and the swHw Business Tracker, the author of Famous in Heaven and at Home, and a certified StoryBrand Guide and Copywriter. Basically, her work happy place is pulling out of others what God already put in them. Home will always be her favorite place to be, which is wherever her family is: her husband, James, and their three children, Noah (7), Cole (4) and Shea (2).

In this episode you'll hear:

  • How Michelle took what was just a simple social media account for community and inspiration and turned it into a huge platform for women entrepreneurs to build their faith and their businesses.

  • Michelle will share her best tips and advice on how to deal with unexpected bumps along the road in the entrepreneurial journey.

    • "I think the first thing to recognize is that you're human and so you're not going to be perfect and so don't expect that it's all going to go to perfection." She continues, "if you constantly battle and cave to the preferences of people rather than really staying committed to the purpose of why you begin you're never going to build a business that satisfies anyone."

  • How Michelle stays grounded and authentic in a social media driven world where being misunderstood happens all too often.

  • You'll also hear how Michelle balances real life vs. social media-- recognizing that social media is essential to her business but that our daily lives outside of that are also so important.

    • "I plan as much of my social media content ahead of time as possible...so I do have lots of screen free and scroll free time installed in my life to where when I come to social media, I'm happy and excited to interact with the people that I follow and connect with there."

  • I conclude the interview by asking Michelle what the phrase, "making an impact," means to her business and to her personal life-- and her answer is so, so good!



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