On today's episode, I'm interviewing Sara Anna Powers, a Success Coach and Copywriter over at SaraAnnaPowers.com.

Sara Anna is passionate about helping online business owners create magnetic messaging so they can get more leads and make more sales. After practicing law for 8 years, Anna transitioned into running her own online business and helping other entrepreneurs create bigger impact and make more income. She's helped multi-six, seven and eight-figure business owners create click-worthy copy and also created an eight-week online copywriting course. Anna also hosts a faith-centered mastermind and the Faith Forward Online Business podcast.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • How Sara Anna transitioned from being a full-time attorney of 8 years and left that world to be a full-time entrepreneur who helps multi-six, seven and eight-figure business owners create click-worthy copy.

    • “I want your listeners to hear that if you desire to make a change -- whatever you've been doing up to this point, it's not wasted. It's just going to be a foundational block for you to build on.”

  • How Sara Anna believes your mindset is key when it comes to overcoming doubt and transforming into the role you are meant to take in your business -- and how Sara Anna overcame that herself.

  • One of the biggest lessons Sara Anna had to learn in order to transform her business was how to say “no” to the mediocre, so she could say “yes” to the best.

    • “It's a faith journey. We were not created to work 24/7, so I had to be willing to let go of clients and say “no” to work that was no longer in alignment with that higher vision. And it is a scary place. But what I've seen is that when I was willing to do that, God would bless me with such a better fit for my business.”

  • Sara Anna’s one tip on what she sees most people doing wrong when it comes to copy and the one thing they could tweak or change to make their message more magnetic and more powerful.


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