On today's episode, I'm interviewing Jessica Killingley, a Publishing Consultant, Coach and Literary Agent from JessicaKillingley.com

Jessica spent 20 years in the UK Publishing industry where she worked for a number of the ‘Big 3’ publishing houses as a Marketing Director, with everyone from first time authors up to household names like John Grisham and Stephen King. She now helps entrepreneurs write and publish books that leave a lasting impact and grow their influence. She is passionate about getting more good books out into the world and helping entrepreneurs identify what ignites their passion, find their voice and share their message in a way that turns all those readers into valuable clients.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • All about Jessica’s back story and how she came to own her own consulting company after working in the corporate publishing industry for so long.

  • Jessica’s honesty shine through as she shares how it wasn’t an overnight success for her, yet she continued to push through the difficulties until she achieved what she was hoping for.

    • “In the midst of all of this, I'm also running a family, and running a household, and I probably only have about 20 to 25 hours a week to work. So, when I stop and look at what I've managed to achieve over the course of the last 18 months within that limited working time, I like to give myself a bit of a break and remember to share those wins as I go with myself and be proud of what I've managed to achieve, and not constantly just be thinking about what's next.”

  • How Jessica sets boundaries within her business so that she can be sure to stay present within her home life as well.

  • About Jessica’s talents of taking all of the jumbled ideas entrepreneurs have in their heads and helps them write and publish the books that are going to leverage their impact and influence.

  • How Jessica overcame the fear of growth in her business and changed her mindset to really set her up for success.

    • “I had a really big realization recently about what was stopping me from growing, and that was this fear that if I grew that meant more obligation, and that frightened me. So, it was a big mindset switch for me to realize that if I manage those boundaries, more success in business does not have to equal more pressure, and more work, and more time on my computer and away from my family.”


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