On today's episode, I'm interviewing Nicole Culver the creator of the Social Shift Movement!

Nicole shows bloggers and health professionals how to build their expertise and make an impact with any size audience. Nicole is the creator of The Social Shift movement which moves away from the old blog model of counting pageviews and focuses on the new way of running your business based on engagement + relationships. Nicole is a work at home / stay at home mom of three girls. She loves the early morning....and a lot of coffee.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • Nicole’s journey from 4th grade teacher in New York City to the owner of a product-based business that was sold in Whole Foods to online entrepreneur.

  • Some of Nicole’s tips and suggestions (that she shares with her clients!) for women who are in an online business or a products business and how to overcome some of the struggles they face, especially at the beginning of their businesses.

    • “Everything I do comes back to just teaching about simplicity and what is the end purpose. Because growing numbers can be super cool and super great, but if they're not tied to a business model, what is the point of it all at the end of the day?”

  • About the tough decision Nicole and her family had to make when it came to eliminating that product-based business, despite all the hard work put in, for the sake of a business that was less energy-demanding for their family.

  • How Nicole avoids slipping into the trap of getting wrapped up in social media likes, comments, and shares and she instead focuses on the things that truly matter in business.

    • “I totally slide back into that mindset too, I totally get that. But when it comes down to it, how do you actually help your people? And if your people aren't talking back to you, or they're not opening your emails, or they're not coming to you when they have problems to solve, then how are you really measuring if you are helping people? One of the most underutilized things I think we can do is specifically reach out to people into our community, and talk to them, and get them on the phone. A lot of times what you think is resonating may not be what actually is resonating or may not be the problem that they're actually having.”


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