On today's episode, I'm interviewing Tracy Campoli from TracyCampoli.com and the creator of Total Body Transformation.

Tracy helps "busy babes" who struggle with loving their body, lose weight without dumb diets, embrace the "la dolce vita" lifestyle, and become fit fashionistas. She has a successful YouTube channel with over 17.5 million views, and was awarded the prestigious title of one of YouTube's Next Up Creators. Tracy has been featured in Well + Good, Pilates Style Magazine, USA Today, Good Morning America and ABC 7. She has spoken at YouTube's Creator Studio to discuss growing your business using YouTube. She is the creator of Total Body Transformation, an online global fitness community, as well as Your Hottest Body Ever and Lighten Up a group coaching program for women worldwide. She is a NYC girl that now lives in Miami with her husband and loves a good glass of red wine :)

In this episode you'll hear:

  • How Tracy connects health and wellness to the success of her entrepreneurial business and how she helps her clients see this connections as well.

    • “As entrepreneurs we know that the way you do one thing is really the way you do everything, and that goes for your health and your wellness. In the entrepreneurial community, the one place where a lot of people miss out is their health. You can have a seven figure business, you can have multiple seven figure businesses, but if you don't have your health, you don't have anything.”

  • Tracy’s tips and tricks on how to commit to show up daily for yourself without sacrificing the needs of your business.

  • How Tracy pushed through her struggles and difficulties in business and health management, to now having a viewership of over 17 million views on YouTube, all while being the most healthy version of herself.

  • How Tracy practices mindset management in her business, especially when it comes to social media.

    • “When it comes to social media, it can be so easy to play that ‘compare and despair’ game. It's so easy to go down that rabbit hole. But, it's a daily choice of managing the mindset to say, ‘okay, step away.’ If you're feeling triggered by social media, just step away.”

  • All about Tracy’s different programs that she has created for busy entrepreneurial women so that they can get into the best health and shape of their lives.


  • Connect with Tracy on her website: https://tracycampoli.com/

  • Join Tracy’s membership area: TracyCampoliMembers.com

  • Watch Tracy over on her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2sXkXBWd51cpk_5nyUha2w

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