On today's episode, I'm interviewing Emily Saunders, the Co-Founder of Momsanity and Raise Them Well and the Keeper of Cross Training Couture.

Emily is passionate about pursuing health. She feels called to encourage women to walk out their faith boldly and steward their bodies well, with much grace. Emily struggled with under-eating and over-exercising for years before God broke the chains of obsession and led her to a healthier relationship with food and fitness. That experience ignited a fire that turned into beginning Momsanity, a community of women seeking to put Jesus in the center of their motherhood, fitness and nutrition journeys and later to Cross Training Couture.  Emily is married to her college sweetheart, Wiggy, an Integrative MD and together they founded Raise Them Well, a company dedicated to creating toxic-free and innovative products for families that value wellness. Emily and Wiggy love celebrating marriage and are blessed to be the parents of two sons, Adler (5) and Hutch (2), and are currently in the process of becoming licensed foster parents.  

In this episode you'll hear:

  • How Emily desired to move away from Corporate America after having her first baby to form her own business that focused on faith, nutrition, and fitness.

    • “We really saw a need for moms who wanted to prioritize motherhood, faith, fitness, and nutrition. I saw that there were a lot of opportunities for moms who were focused on fitness and nutrition, and then there were a lot of ‘mom Bible study kind of things,’ but there wasn't a whole lot that brought it all together. So we put our heads and our hearts together, and had no idea what we were doing, and started a website and a blog.”

  • The amazing backstory of how Emily and her husband went on an incredible journey together to create a great and natural BCAA powder with a business partner that actually tasted good and worked!

  • Emily’s heart and passion to create natural and safe products for families to use which led to the creation of a second business, Raise Them Well.

  • How Emily learned to balance 3 businesses and how she decided when the time was right to begin outsourcing her business.

    • “That very first decision was a little bit challenging just because it was brand new territory for me and it's always hard to let go of our ‘baby.’ But as I realized how much more freedom I had to do the things that were important versus the nitty-gritty things that I wasn't good at, that's when our business really started growing. When we started letting go a little bit at a time and focusing on the things that we needed to do to grow our businesses, or to scale them, or to do some of the things better that only we can do, that was when things started really moving.”


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