On today's episode I'm interviewing Caitlin Bacher from CaitlinBacher.com - Scale Your Online Course and the creator of The Successful Course Creator!

Caitlin helps successful course creators build profitable evergreen funnels so they can stop launching...for good. You can join her free Facebook group, The Successful Course Creator, to learn how you can get off the launch roller coaster and into consistent profits. Caitlin developed The Evergreen S.C.A.L.E. Method so she could scale her business WITHOUT sacrificing time away from her young daughter and husband.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • How Caitlin has developed a system to help course creators get off the launch roller coaster and into a consistent system for growing their business.

  • How Caitlin was able to drown out the noise of so many different sources telling her what to do and what not to do in her business, and really hone in on what mattered.

    • “What I really think is going on is that we don't have a time problem, we actually have a priority problem. I would say 85% of the things on your to-do list are actually not money-generating activities. I feel like so many people out there are spending so much time trying to grow and scale their business in the hardest way possible. But there is more than one way to do something, you can do it one way or you can choose to do it a different way.”

  • How Caitlin made a million dollars with only one course after she decided to stop the busy lifestyle of launching course after course.

  • Caitlin peel back the facade that if you are in business, you must be busy all the time to get results and be successful.

    • “Honestly, for me it's my ability to focus and to strip away all of the excess stuff that doesn't matter. I really feel like we are living in a society that values being busy. That somehow we’ll make people think we’re  important or valuable because we’re busy. But what that does is it causes us to fill our plates with stuff that doesn't matter.”


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