On today's episode I'm interviewing Theresa Loe, a Team Building & Digital Marketing Coach for Online Entrepreneurs. She helps CEO/Visionaries find and build their own A-List teams so they can scale their business. She also trains some of the top-level team members for 7-figure CEOs looking to accelerate their team’s growth.

Theresa has the unique experience of having served as both the leader and the 2nd-in-command for two different winning executive teams. For 9 years, she was the Co-Executive TV Producer for the top organic gardening show on PBS. As the 2nd-in-Command for the show, Theresa executed the vision of the show and managed the entire production team. Later, Theresa started her own online business, Living Homegrown Media and moved into the Visionary/CEO role. She learned to shift her thinking from managing to LEADING and became very intentional about building a quality team of top-players who could manage themselves and let her stay in her zone of genius. Today, Theresa pulls from her experience as a team player to a team leader and guides other 6- and 7-figure online CEOs on building and leading their own self-managed teams. She has also personally trained some of the top-level managers for some of the most successful digital CEOs in the industry.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • Theresa’s journey of how she left her Co-Executive TV Producer position at PBS to become an online business owner that helps entrepreneurs build and train their teams.

  • Some of Theresa’s best tips and suggestions for online business owners on when and how to hire a team to help you run your business.

    • “What you're supposed to do, and what most entrepreneurs don't realize because there's really no training on this, is that you need to hand out responsibilities for everything in your business. You make people responsible so that they can be self-managed. And you have to trust enough to let go of that control, which was a very hard thing for me being that that is my natural way of thinking. I wanted to stay in control but I realized very quickly that you can't micromanage.”

  • How Theresa processed the decision to leave her producer position and then later, transform her online business to serve entrepreneurs in their team-building-- a process of change that many online entrepreneurs need to go through themselves, but are too nervous to do so.

  • Theresa break down some of the common misconceptions entrepreneurs have when comes to money-making and time-saving activities.

    • “We're so focused on the vision of what we're trying to create that it's very hard to think about, ‘How do I hand this off?’ I would always get caught up in, ‘I could stop what I'm doing and I could show the V.A. that I had hired how to do this or I could just do it myself in half the time.’ So I would do it myself because I felt like I was saving time. But in the long run you're not saving time.”


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