On today's episode I'm interviewing Dr. Shannon Irvine, an Entrepreneur, High Achievement Mentor, Host of the Epic Success Podcast and PhD. in Neuro-Pyschology & Philantropist.

Dr. Shannon helps her clients “neuro-hack” their success and build an Epic Life and Business that they love by harnessing the power of the brain to hardwire productivity, goal attainment, and high performance mindset mastery. Through her courses, programs, and Epic Success Podcast, her clients learn the power of neuroachievement™ — her process for shifting how to think, act, and grow, so they can achieve anything they desire. They learn how to hardwire what they want, and delete anything that’s holding them back! Her mission is to help entrepreneurs go for their God given dreams by giving them the step-by-step blueprint to go from “Dream to Launch” in a way that honors what they value most.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • Shannon’s own personal journey of mastering her mindset to take better control of her life and business and how she helps other entrepreneurs do that in their own businesses.

  • The best tips and suggestions from Shannon on how to “reprogram” your mind and to turn off the negative self-talk that goes on within our own minds.

    • “The first step is truly taking those negative thoughts off autopilot and starting to recognize when you're getting stressed, when things aren't going the way you want them to go, when you're feeling resistance. That to me, is the magical time because that's when those stories come close to the surface and we start to hear what we're saying to ourselves.”

  • The science behind all of these practices and how it’s not only just a belief or practice, but it’s rooted in truth for each of us.

  • How to make this a lifelong practice for you to help you overcome any negative self-talk you have now and how to handle any negative self-talk or situations that arise in the future.

    • “If we want to be the very best version of ourselves, if we want to show up and enter into that level of a dream that we have as a visionary, if we really want that, it's available to us when we need it. We just need to step into the daily practice of truly being the creator of our thoughts and when the limiting belief comes up, we go after it just like we would anything that was threatening the very future that we wanted.”


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