On today's episode I'm interviewing Lindsay Maloney, a self-made business and success coach who specializes in teaching women how to start and scale their dream coaching businesses with simplicity.

Lindsay believes that you should always choose to use your intuition to guide you as you grow your business. With her step by step, intuitive, and creative guidance you'll feel inspired to take her tips into action, push your business forward, and work with your dream clients. Lindsay works with women who want to get unstuck and structure their brilliance into a coaching business that's sustainable and financially exhilarating. She is also the creator of Stand Out Coaching Academy and is the host of the Book Your Dream Clients podcast.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • The joy behind Lindsay’s story as she searched and found what her true passion and driver was for her own business and how she took that and turned it into something her clients could replicate for their own businesses.

  • Lindsay’s encouragement to other entrepreneurs on the best way to grow your business to be able to find the success you always dreamed of having.

    • “The biggest thing is I let myself evolve. I didn't become attached to anything that I wanted to be or what I thought I should be. I just let myself evolve into where I needed to go and I was totally open to it. This isn't an overnight thing, it's something that I was patient with...I think one of the most important things that we can do as entrepreneurs is to just stop tying yourself up with all of these expectations that mean really nothing, and just let it go.”

  • Lindsay’s thoughts on investing in our businesses and how, more often than not, when you invest in your business (financially or for personal development), you see a return on that investment-- and it’s always worth it.

  • What “going for it” in our businesses means for Lindsay and how she helps encourage other entrepreneurs to not be a “one hit wonder coach.”

    • “I believe we should always be going for it. I think it's really important to always be surrounding yourself with a group of people who you look up to, whether it's a coach or a group program, whatever that may be because it helps you manifest the results for yourself. When you're going at it alone, you can get kind of blindsided. I think that's where a lot of entrepreneurs trip up. They decide to stop investing in themselves because they think they know everything. This is a one hit wonder coach.”


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