On today's episode I'm interviewing Jenna Soard, a brand and design expert, and course creation circus master! Her biggest passion in life is helping entrepreneurs find their confidence through developing design, branding and course creation skills.

Jenna started doing graphic design professionally at the age of 16, with her first licensed t-shirt business that produced t-shirts for all clubs and activities in her high school. She attended the University of Oregon and earned a Bachelor's in Multimedia Design and MBA in Marketing. With her combination of design and marketing skills, she became a little more savvy than the average graphic designer. In 2016 Jenna launched her signature course "The Course Launcher" which was her biggest success. The very first launch brought in $127,000 in revenues. Her method of teaching online courses had 67% of her students launch their very first course within 3 weeks of signing up.  These students went on to do big brilliant things! Many quit their day jobs, a big handful went on to have big 5 figure launches for their very first launch. After The Course Launcher, Jenna went on to have her second $103,000 launch a few months later with her primary signature program called "Launch Your Brand," teaching entrepreneurs how to design for themselves. She had this six figure launch while on vacation in Italy. Her second "travel launching" experience, where the previous Fall she had a $64,000 launch also while traveling Europe!

In this episode you'll hear:

  • About the power of motivation to move a dream to become reality when you listen to Jenna’s story and her desire to stop trading dollars for hours that led her to create her online business with 6-figure launches and hundreds of happy clients.

  • How Jenna overcame several challenges, specifically with the ever-changing world of technology, before launching her successful business.

  • The revolutionary idea behind Jenna’s program, The Course Launcher, where she teaches women entrepreneurs how to create and launch a course in 30 days to 100 beta testers and how she overcomes the common objection of not wanting to give away your stuff for “free.”

    • “The reason for making it free is that you don't really know, unless you survey it extensively or unless you've done a ton of research, of what's really going to sell and if you can't sell somebody into applying for a scholarship for free, then you certainly are going to have a hard time selling it.”

  • Jenna talk about the power of surveys and why they are so important to help you get a big picture idea of how to build your program and who your target audience might be. Jenna will also tell you how to get free access to her first three lessons of her signature program.

    • “A survey is actually going to help you map out your course or your offers. I have this really fun saying that I came up with which is, ‘guessing is expensive.’ So surveys really will give you the answers of how to name things, how to completely flesh out the course structure that you're trying to create, and it's going to give you a waiting list of beta testers for you to actually put into the course.”


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