On today's episode I'm interviewing Stu McLaren, an entrepreneur who coaches and consults New York Times best-selling authors, top rated speakers, experts and niche celebrities on how to launch, grow and scale high profit recurring revenue streams.

Stu is the former founder of the world’s #1 membership platform for WordPress, WishList Member, where he had the chance to serve and support over 60,000+ online communities and membership sites. Through that experience, he gained a unique insight into the subtle membership nuances that produce massive results. Today he uses that knowledge to help his clients to launch and grow multiple high 6 and 7-figure membership sites.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • Stu talk about the reasons and passions behind why he created WishList Member, the number one membership platform for WordPress where they power over 70,000 online communities and membership sites.

    • “I was at a crossroads in my business, in my life, because the business was going well but the only way to grow the business would have been to give more of my time. And I didn't have any more time to give...If I continued with this business model, I likely was not going to have a healthy marriage and I would be a father that wasn't there for my kids, and that was just not acceptable. So ultimately, after talking with friends and mentors and getting some guidance, one of them suggested that I create a membership site.”

  • Stu break down the mentality many business owners have, which is: “I have to have thousands of followers in order to have a membership site and be successful.” Which is just not true!

  • Stu explain the benefit of the membership site that goes hand-in-hand with a course, and the benefit of having that type of revenue model in your business.

    • “A course is great because a course teaches people, it goes deep in terms of learning new skills in a short period of time. But the beauty of a membership is, it helps people implement what they've learned over time. And so they work together in such a beautiful way, because a course teaches people what to do and now a membership site helps them actually do it over a much longer period of time.”

  • The best advice from Stu for the hustling entrepreneur who is seeking to slow down a bit and trying to decide between launching a course or a membership site.

  • Why focusing on one product, one brand, is so important for business owners today.

    • “When you become known for something specific, when you become known for solving a specific problem, when you become known for helping people create a certain transformation– It's so much easier for people to spread the word. It's so much easier for you to attract people into your world.”


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