On today's episode I'm interviewing Kate Dramis, a copywriter and messaging coach for online experts. She helps passionate entrepreneurs find their unique voice and turn it into copy that converts! Kate began her marketing career as a copywriter for a digital agency, where she led the content team. Kate then went on to take her coaching and copywriting business full-time.

Kate serves as the CEO of Kate Creative, LLC. She is trusted by some of the top online experts in the industry to create copy for their brands. When she’s not crafting content, you can find her traveling, eating copious amounts of French fries, or hanging out at home in Atlanta with her three dogs and cat!

In this episode you'll hear:

  • The passion and bravery behind Kate’s story that led her to pursue her dreams of writing full-time, quit her corporate job (even though she wasn’t completely sure about the next step), and how we can all learn a little something from Kate about pursuing what we’re passionate about.

    • “My purpose is to help people find their voice, share their voice, own their voice, and do that in the online space. And so I became really in tune with the fact that I've been given this gift of copywriting, of helping people unearth their unique messaging, and I made a commitment to really lean into that.”

  • Kate discuss her program called Brand Messaging Academy and the purpose behind that course, which is to focus on your unique messaging that's going to make you stand out online, so that you can infuse that into everything else you do.

  • Kate talk about the best tips and suggestions for finding YOUR unique voice when it comes to creating compelling copy.

    • “If you can get clear on what your purpose is, that reason for service, I think that can fuel your positioning so much, because that's unique to you. We all have different moments in our lives that shifted something for us and made us realize that we can really serve in this area. So, I would first ask yourself what was that moment for [you]?”

  • Why asking questions in your business is essential and why Kate believes the very best business owners are the ones who do ask questions, who hone in on that expertise, and learn to have a conversation with themselves about what will help them stand out in their online space.

  • Kate discuss the best ways to overcome writer’s block and how to push through moments where it seems the content just won’t come out.


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