On today's episode I'm interviewing Rachel Perry, co-founder of The Tag Team Party Peeps, host of the Making the Leap podcast, and a business coach for lady bosses who want to get beyond the limiting beliefs and stories that are holding them back from making 6-figures in their businesses.

Rachel not only is she an entrepreneur on the cusp of her first 7-figure year but she also juggles being a mom, wife and CEO just like you. She is passionate about helping other ladies walk into their truth so they can be empowered to lead a successful business and still rock it out in other areas of their life.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • How Rachel went from being a teacher to a stay-at-home-mom who wanted nothing more than to be able to maintain that lifestyle so she could remain home with her son. That desire to stay home led Rachel into the direct sales business which would eventually lead to creating her own business.

  • Rachel’s heart and desire behind her business is to help other entrepreneurs learn their business and learn it well-- to take away all the stress and difficulty that comes with creating your business and taking it to the next level.

    • “And while I would not change my business building years for the world, because I learned so much, it was hard at times. There were times when we felt like we were kind of overwhelmed with everything and felt kind of like we didn't fit at times because we didn't understand everything. And so I really just want to take that fear and take that confusion away from others as they as they build their business.

  • Rachel talk about her amazing one-on-one coaching program where she helps beginner entrepreneurs start and grow their business. Beginner entrepreneurs have these ideas of what they want to do but they just don't know how to get there and they have these dreams of what they want to build, but again don't know where to start or don't know how to build it. And that’s what Rachel does, she helps her clients get to exactly where they want to go in their businesses.

    • “Whenever you hire someone, whether it be a personal trainer or personal coach, hiring someone who is looking at your business from the outside is so helpful because they can see the problems, they can see the areas of weakness so much better than you can. When you're taking a course, there's no one who's telling you or helping you do that. that's all self study. So if you are wanting to grow your business, if you are wanting to begin a business, or you're wanting to take it to the next step, or you're just stuck and you don't know where to go, private coaching could definitely be a great option for you.”


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