On today's episode I'm interviewing Brandon Lucero, the founder of Sold With Video and creator of the Video 4x Effect. His proven methodology shifts how online content is created and distributed by changing beliefs, shifting perspective and the psychology of selling products online so you can move your audience into a buying state of mind while growing your brand.

He has done over 8 six-figure launches, generated millions of views online, helped create million dollar sales funnels and worked with multiple 7-figure entrepreneurs like James Wedmore, Carrie Green, Caitlin Bacher, Rick Mulready, and more.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • All about Sold With Video and their expertise with messaging for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who have a mission to change the world, and how they use video as their vehicle to deliver their message. More specifically, how they can make that messaging so uniquely you and so different so that it allows you to stand out in the marketplace and get really fast traction because of video.

  • Brandon talk about the importance of having a mentor in business in order to see your business be successful.

    • “You absolutely have to have mentors if you're going to be successful in business-- there's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. You need that. And if you aren't successful yet, chances are you probably don't have a mentor to lean on or you don't have coaching advice or someone that you lean on to give you advice, who's been through that process before.”

  • How Brandon became an expert at messaging and really being able to help business owners have that clarity for their unique vision through the power of his program, the Video 4X Effect-- which takes their messaging, adds a unique market-level sophistication to it, value through content, and then helps them create content that does about 70% of their selling.

  • Brandon talk about what level of sophistication your videos need to have in order to stand out in the marketplace and create revenue.

    • “We have basically gotten to a place where we have no competitors and that's where you want to be competing...If you do see yourself as someone who is operating at [a low level], you can start to think of different ways to move [up the levels], moving yourself into a different place so that you're different than all your other competitors.”


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