On today's episode I'm interviewing Adda Birnir, the founder and CEO of Skillcrush, a leading online tech education company with a mission to empower women to learn the digital skills they need to enter high-paying and flexible careers. Adda is passionate about making tech and flexible careers more accessible and inclusive to all. She was named one of the 30 Most Important Women in Tech by Business Insider and she has served over 18,000 students from 127 countries with Skillcrush.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • How Adda went from having zero experience in the computer science/coding realm after college to becoming this highly successful business owner that now teaches thousands of women how to code online. It’s such a fascinating story!

  • Adda explain why learning to code isn’t scary at all, and how it is totally feasible to learn (and somewhat important to learn!) for your online business.

    • “What we work on is really making [coding] more transparent; demystifying and explaining it to people, making it as fun as possible in the process. And for a lot of students, it's really fun and exciting and inspiring to sort of realize that they can actually [be] active participants in the digital spheres, instead of just passive consumers.”

  • How you don’t have to have any experience or qualifications to even begin coding, all you need is the interest in doing it. Adda also describes her free Coding Camp program that is designed for people who have never coded a single line of code before in their lives.

  • Adda strip away some of the common jargon and stereotypes that have traditionally been associated with coding in the tech industry and you’ll see how it’s much more colloquial and related to our real lives than what you maybe ever realized:

    • “When I look at a lot of the tech education that's out there, it's [all] really uniform and kind of the same thing; and it's as if tech education has to be this way, like it has to be [kind of] dry and boring and white and black...and the truth is, there's nothing that says that it needs to be that way at all.”


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