Do you have crippling fears that are holding you back from stepping into your purpose?

Are you nervous and anxious about putting yourself out there for fear of failure?
Girl, I hear you. These are all such incredibly common fears and today I wanted to bring you a message of empowerment and encouragement on THIS subject because friend, you are not alone in this.
Today on the Business With Impact podcast, I'm interviewing Sarah Boyd, a writer & speaker, and the founder of Resilient Little Hearts – a movement that champions children to build resilience, courage, and kindness through celebrating story-time. Sarah also co-leads a business with her husband, Colin and is the mother of 2 beautiful children.
In terms of going after our DREAMS and passions, Sarah says, “I believe that they're there for a reason and I believe that it's part of our stewardship and responsibility to actually do something with that desire.”

Sarah is living proof that having resiliency in our setbacks makes all the difference. I'm so excited for you to be encouraged by Sarah's heart today! 

>> At 4:09. you'll hear Sarah's amazing journey of resiliency as she pushed through her journey with cancer, an auto-immune disorder, total hip replacement surgery, all while navigating the waters of being a new mom. 

>> At 11:36, Sarah encourages you on the importance of why you should pursue your dreams and the things you’re passionate about, all while maintaining a healthy balance of business and family life. 

>> At 15:15, you'll hear Sarah talk about her book, "The Boy Who Stood Tall", and how it didn’t actually start out as a success, but instead had a failed Kickstarter Launch– but through that failure, she was able to use it as a launching pad for success.


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