On today's episode, I'm interviewing my mentor, coach, and good friend James Wedmore about the growth of his business and the impact he is making on digital entrepreneurs and CEOs everywhere.

James Wedmore is an introvert from Laguna Beach, CA who has spent the past 8 years teaching online entrepreneurs how to leverage the power of online video and YouTube with such courses and programs like Video Traffic Academy and 48Hr Film School. Starting in 2016, he made a massive shift to focus on a big gap that he saw missing in the marketplace: The Mindset of Entrepreneurs. He launched a podcast (Mind Your Business) and a new flagship program (Business By Design) to help other content creators, authors and coaches thrive online. James also facilitates a high-level mastermind called The Inner Circle (which I’m a member of). When James isn’t working, he can be found surfing, traveling with his beautiful wife or restoring his old Volkswagen. His motto is simple: Work hard, play harder!

In this episode you'll hear:

  • James' mission of truly wanting to help the digital entrepreneur step into the CEO role of their business and leave behind the mentality of working like the underpaid, overworked intern.

    • "It's like your business demands more of you than five of the worst jobs or bosses you've ever worked for, and that's because people are operating their business backwards. We really want to fix that, so that's what I help entrepreneurs do."

  • How James has been able to build an entire program that helps entrepreneurs automatize and systematize the whole process of business-owning.

  • How an entrepreneur's mindset is "make or break" for them in their businesses and how changing your mindset is key.

    • "Forbes released a stat a year or two ago saying, 'eight out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months.' Maybe this is why people have given up in their mind before they've even started-- They didn't really believe in the vision, in the outcome. They didn't really say, 'no matter what, I'm going to do what it takes, I'm going to find a way.' And that's really what I help entrepreneurs with."

  • What James' number one success quality is that he sees in entrepreneurs who are able to leave behind the overworked intern and become the CEO in their business.


If you are an entrepreneur and were pumped up hearing from James, I'd love to hear all about it! Take a screenshot and post it to your Instagram Stories with your biggest takeaways and tag me, @rachelrmcmichael!