On today's episode, I'm interviewing Christina Jandali, the business strategist and entrepreneur behind DeliverYourGenius.com.

Christina is a confidence boosting, cash-creating, Business Growth Strategist who helps online business owners stand out, get seen, and create 6-figure profits using the power of Facebook groups. After becoming a millionaire in her mid-20’s (losing it and rebuilding it over again) and climbing the corporate ladder, she realized she was ready to build her own dream business, not someone else’s. She's since helped thousands of female entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their online business while serving on the Forbes Coaches Council. She’s a mama of two and you can find Christina running, adventuring outdoors, drinking froo-frooey coffee, and hanging out with her family in Vancouver or in the chilly winter months, hiking and poolside in sunny Palm Springs.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • Christina’s back-story and how she moved away from the corporate world to become a Facebook Group guru that helps thousands of entrepreneurs grow, scale, and leverage their communities to convert sales from Facebook groups.

  • About the struggles Christina faced to create the perfect system she has in place now and how she overcame them to now have a super successful, 6-figure business.

    • “I started tuning into the fact that what I was going to teach them was in fact, starting their Facebook group. What I wanted to teach them was in fact, creating that connection and creating those relationships with people, [and helping them] tune into exactly what their people wanted so that they would have offers that would sell out, so they would have that raving fan-base, so they'd have those people that were hanging on their every word excited about the next thing they were going to offer. And I was like, ‘that's exactly what I’m going to teach them.’”

  • How Christina did what so many other women in this industry are often afraid of doing: admitting what was going wrong, choosing to not do what everyone else was doing for the sake of being like everyone else, evaluating, and completely changing a program to work and serve people better (and doing all of this mid-launch AFTER people had already paid to be in her program!).

  • What kept Christina motivated to keep going, evaluate, and change in the midst of a lonely struggle.

    • “My mission became bigger than me and it wasn't about me anymore. I was coming from a place of service and coming from a place of not wanting to let them down.”


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