Somer Phoebus:

Adapting to Change in Life & Business

Today on the Business With Impact podcast I'm so excited to be joined by my good friend, Somer Phoebus. Somer is a lead communicator + managing partner at she works His way. She is also the creator of Productivity Academy + the owner of Somer Phoebus Consulting, where she coaches other working women and female entrepreneurs in the areas of productivity, leadership, brick and mortar business, and scaling for growth.

Somer and I have known each other for several years, we actually started in a completely different industry together and we have watched as each other's businesses have evolved and changed over the last several years.

On today's episode Somer is going to dive into how she knows when to change, what change has looked like for her and her family, and then she's going to talk about productivity – how she was able to stay productive and simplify things despite downsizing, despite moving, and despite all the change that she's experienced over the last 12 months.

Finally, she's going to give us a charge as women in business and I'm really excited for you to personally take this charge and implement it in your own life and in your own business!

>> At 6:32, Somer discusses how she knew it was the right time to make a big change in her life and business when that big change just didn’t make sense on paper. Was it a gut feeling? Was it a result of being in God’s Word? Or was it a combination of many things?

>> At 12:43, we talk about how to stay productive and organized in our lives even in the midst of big life change– something that just seems impossible, right? But Somer actually shares how you can still maintain some normalcy and organization in your life when things are changing all around you. 

>> At 16:54, Somer offers some really great, tangible advice for the woman entrepreneur who is struggling with organization and productivity in their life. You don’t want to miss this portion of the episode!

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